Darling . . .

My Everything

Walked into a room of unfamiliar faces, yet yours caught my eye….

It was by chance that they met. What twisted hand of Fate had caused their eyes to meet from across a crowded room, knowing that their lives were on two separate paths? Society’s standards would never allow it. She was high-born, and he was not. The heart doesn’t play by man’s rules and that glance was all it took for the souls to recognize one another as its missing half.

One night with you and I forget my past….

For months they would catch glimpses of each other, or she’d find some excuse to place herself in his path. There was never time for anything other than a passing conversation or a casual touch, but each meeting held more meaning than could be explained.

War with the neighboring country arose and many of the  men were being sent off to fight. Finding out that the other part of her was being sent away was nearly more than she could take. The thought of having him gone from her life was maddening. She spent the entire day looking for him. She had to see him one last time.

Night came, and she hadn’t found him anywhere. Disheartened, and exhausted, weary with regret for chances missed and not taken in the past, she went back home. That is where she was surprised. He was waiting for her – had been all day. How he had gotten into the home she neither knew, nor cared.

He told her that he was leaving, but it wasn’t goodbye. It may be not soon, but someday, they would meet again and there would be no barriers in the way.

Darling I know, you’re a million footsteps away
But maybe someday
I can take all those footsteps and pray that I can run to you
Run to you anyway
Darling, darling, will we meet again?
Will we meet again?

[ Song credits: “Darling” by Max]


Dress: *{Junbug}* Helena [Ivory]
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. *  ROBERTA  * brunette (includes collar) @ My Attic – November

Hair: Unorthodox Fade Design Curl
Outfit: {Reverie} Barroom Hero

Pose: My Everything from KaTink

Shot on location at:  Obsession Exposed

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