The Wait


The sun was setting and the air blew loose leaves across the closed windows. Smiling to herself  she settled a shawl around her shoulders and adjusted the hat on her head before stepping out the door.  Upon her arrival the Husky looked up momentarily from the paper he was reading.

“Going out today, Miss?” He asked, a paw on the paper to hold his page down from the light play of the wind. “Or is someone picking you up? I don’t smell anyone coming.”  The dog raised his head and sniffed at the air.

She smiled politely at her four-legged and reached down to pat him on the head.  “Don’t you worry.”  Descending the steps she leaned back against the post. Brushing her hands down the sides of the well-fitted, comfortable dress, she sighed before slipping her hands into the concealed side pockets. “He’s already here, at least in spirit. In the tussle of the leaves and the brush of the air against my skin, and he speaks in the whispers of the earth.”

The dog huffed and went back to reading the paper, thinking that she would be impatient, or antsy, for having to wait.  What he didn’t understand was that when you are aware that good things are coming your way – even if you have to wait a bit longer – you don’t mind the wait.




Dress: ShuShu NEVER AGAIN outfit  – Peace On Earth Hunt 8
Hair: Analog Dog – bangers

Boots: .:KC:. BERLIN High Boots

pose: Glamrus . Trinity 02

Shot on location at: Kilu

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