Quiet Stillness

Zoya Winter Gown

The early evening air held a sense of magic. The falling snow twinkled as it was caught by the light of the lanterns along the pathway. Wisp of snow were carried across the ground, led in a dance orchestrated by the wind.

Dressed in the warmth of her long winter gown – that showcased her as the queen she knew herself to be – she progressed slowly down the stone staircase. The cap was an added touch and, with her adornment, she could stay in the elements without fear of the cold. There was a sense of peace here and, though she had someone waiting for her, they wouldn’t mind if she tarried a few extra moments.

There was a quiet stillness that accompanied a fresh snow. She paused a moment to take in the beauty of the surrounding area. Often people go about their day and forget to take a look around.  There is beauty and magic everywhere if they’d only stop and open their eyes.
Zoya Closeup

Dress: .::Fascino Couture::. – Zoya  Dress (Hat included)

Accessories: Lazuri Perlline Necklace
Lazuri Enchanted  Diamond – Ring
Lazuri Classic Pearls

Poses:  Included with the LumiPro System!

Shot on location at:  Southern Paradise

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