Jingle the Bells


The Man in Red had dozed off in front of fireplace and the little deer was bored in the house with nothing to do. She loved to play games, and a round of hide and seek – especially when the seeker didn’t know they were it – sounded delightful.

Considering her choices, going out through the front door was not an option – the sudden blast of cold air would wake him up for sure. A more viable option was the window stationed on the far side of the room.

She crept her way towards the window as quietly, and softly, as she could – praying that the bells attached to her chest wouldn’t sound off and give her away. faunwindowkneel


Those bells betrayed her right as she climbed up on the sill and had started getting her legs over to the other side.

“Little one?” The Man’s voice called. “Where have you gone?”

He was awake! If she wanted to continue the game her escape would have to be now. Not caring about the jingle of her bells, the little deer jumped out of the window and into the cover of the snowy bushes. Peeking out she saw him go by the window and look for her. After a few moments he left, calling for her inside the house. Marveling at her own escape the little deer rose and sprinted away.

Before she got far, she came across a full deer grazing on the frosty grass. It gave her an idea. The Man had to still be looking for her (he never gave up that easily), and anywhere she went the *TINK TINK* of the bells was giving her away. But what if she put bells on this deer too? It was a delightful idea and the little deer giggled with glee. Cautiously she quickly made her way to the storage shed and shortly returned to the deer, arms laden with supplies.

“You’re going to help me play a game,” the little deer relayed to the animal. “The Man will be so confused with two sets of bells chiming off of the hills. I’m sure to win.” Around the deers neck she tied a bow and attached silver bells to the branches of its antlers.

Once completed she looked over her work and smiled. “Come on, let’s go!”

The two companions traveled here and there in the snowy woods, jingling all the way,  and never once did she hear, or catch sight, of the man coming after her. The game was no fun if there was no seeker. Soon the sun would start to set, and the little deer – who had been so joyful at the beginning – was no feeling disheartened. She removed the decorations from the deer and bade it to go where it wished. Then she sat down in the snow, frowning down at her hands.
“Little deer, finally you’ve stopped.” The voice belonged to the Man.

The little deer saw him emerge from the nearby trees and she sighed. “You didn’t come looking for me?” She questioned. “It was the deer, wasn’t it? I made it too difficult.”

The Man sat down opposite of her in the snow. His smile was warm and sincere. “You were so busy with everything, that you didn’t notice that I was always there. You can never truly catch something that doesn’t wish to be found.”

The little deer smiled and tipped her head to the side. “I guess this means you win.”




~Blacklace~ Laya: Sexy Little Reindeer @ Winter Trends SL
Izzie’s – Fawn Make-Up @ Winter Trends SL

hair: eXxEsS : X-MAS 2015

Coat .::Gabriel ::SANTA SET  Rare* @ The Men’s Department – December
Hat:  [Deadwool] Fedora – red
Hair: Unorthodox Fade Design Curl
1st picture – [Lost Angel] Little Cottage- Multipose
2nd picture – Le Poppycock *La Paix* Devotion @ the liaison – December
3rd picture –  Le Poppycock *La Paix* Bliss RARE  @ the liaison – December
4th picture – KaTink – You Win


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