The Staircase

The Staircase

Then I heard a voice ask of me, “Which way do you want to go? Up or down?”

This, seemingly easy, question was posed to me as I stood upon the steps. At the top was a window, or maybe it was a door, which lead out to nothingness.  Below, the steps went into the sea. Neither seemed promising as they both appeared to lead to nowhere at all.

“Where do they go?” I asked. “I’m not a fish that I can survive in the water. Neither am I a bird that I can take to the sky.”  What was the point of having steps that lead to nowhere?

The voice answered me by saying: “You cannot, because you believe that you cannot.”


Wearing :
Dress: =Zenith=Time Traveler Dress with Belt (Milk) -Maitreya @ We ❤ RP December
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Kelly” (Citrine)

{anc} NO LIMITS. Stairs for sunlight RARE @ The Arcade December
{anc} NO LIMITS // flock of flying doves. [ham-pink] @ The Arcade December

Pose: {MUA} Poses – Anna_3

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