The battle you’re fighting

Sometimes the battle you’re fighting, is not for you.

Does this mean that we shouldn’t participate? How much simpler would our lives be if we choose to stick to our own business and involve ourselves in the dealings of our neighbor?  Would it make us a bad person to know that our friends, or loved ones, are struggling with something but, for the sake of our sanity and peace of mind, we turn a blind eye to it?  And those times when we do get involved, does it make us nosy?

Sometimes the battles we find ourselves in have nothing to do with us – but the way we choose to fight them does. Why did you get involved? Why didn’t you get involved? How far are you willing to go on the path that you have chosen?

Sometimes the battle is not our own, but we find ourselves the unwilling participants of the debacle. We are left standing in the middle of a battlefield. We may even feel forced to pick a side, or run ourselves ragged in attempts to keep the peace. Often times we forget that choosing to do for ourselves is also an option.  It’s not always about choosing between the offered options of other people.

Sometimes you have to fight for yourself.  Sometimes you have to fight for others. Whether you choose to fight or not, always know what it is that you’re fighting for.

Dress: Brokenstyle_Archangel Dress Yvori @ Fair Play – January
Hair: *Calico* Amelle @ Fair Play – January
Boots: =Zenith=Guardian Of The Stars Boots (Gold) -Maitreya

ERSCH – Themis Gacha / Sword, Sword Halo, ground spikes, and weigh –  @ Fair Play – January
.:JUMO:. Lydian Outfit Blue / Bracelets
::Axix:: Danae Jewelery Jewel {Gold} – Necklace


Pose: from An lar [poses]  – The Sought After Series @ ROMP – January


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