Mirrors and Doors


When one door closes, another one opens. That’s the old adage that gets frequently tossed around. People tend to say it as a way of justifying why they didn’t get what they wanted and to signify that they have moved forward. It sounds good in theory – moving on – but many people say that they’ve closed a door, only to have leave a small stopper in place to keep that very door from closing all the way.

Who knows, maybe they may need to go back.

“I’ve closed that door, and I’m not going back,” comes a persons bold proclamation. A few weeks later and you see them peeking through the crack that they left, relishing in what they professed to have left behind.

Mirrors. They take what is given and spit it back out. This causes the viewer to examine what they are portraying. There are tales about mirrors reflecting the contents of a persons soul, and that’s why – when a person does a deplorable act – they can’t look at their reflection.

Having done, or said, something against their own moral code that they are unable to recognize the person staring back from the other side of the mirror. So the mirrors get covered up so the reflection can’t be seen. Or, when faced with the reflection – this stranger wearing our face – the mind warps it into what we deem right.

Don’t close any doors if you’re going to leave a crack, and don’t do anything that turns your own image into something you can’t face.

Life is full of things that cause us to slip and fall. But, if you’re not careful you may find yourself lost in a room of mirrors and doors where everything you said you were leaving behind is being reflected back at you.


Dress: Poet’s Heart – Winter Poem @ The Secret Affair – January

Pure Poison – Natalia Headdress – White – V2 @ The Secret Affair – January
BMe Fur Stole @ Fair Play – January
Pose: from an lar [poses] The Honour Series  @ Shiny Shabby – January


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