Fairy Tale


Every culture has its fairy tales – stories of impossible things where the odds are stacked high, yet the hero triumphs in the end. These are the stories that give us hope. They seek to inspire the readers into thinking that no matter how bad the situation, everything will work out.

But not all fairy tales have a happy ending. Sometimes the protagonist doesn’t make their goal. Sometimes evil actually wins.

When the story doesn’t end the way we think that it should, does it mean that it didn’t teach us anything? Are we often too busy trying to find the ‘happily every after’ that we don’t pay attention to the lessons that are being taught?

The point of a story is to teach a lesson – to open our eyes to concepts and ways of thinking that we may not have otherwise thought. Each day we are filling the pages of our own storybook. We are writing our own fairy tale.

Maybe today you’re faced with some impossible odd. Maybe today your dreams are coming true. Maybe today is the last day.

What have you learned from your story and how does your fairy tale read? As you flip through the pages of your book – even as you’re writing a new page – have you learned anything?

Life can be a fairy tale, and though they don’t all have a happy endings they all teach a lesson.


Dress:  Mistique- Lea Beige @ Fair Play – February
Hair: Stealthic – Solace (Female Hair) @ Fair Play – February

Accessories: Lilith’s Den Verdandi Upper Arm Bracelet Antique @ Fair Play – February
Le Coq D’or – crystal flowers GACHA –  Wreath (Rare) @ Fair Play – February
Maitreya Vintage Collar & Pearls

Pose:  an lar [poses] The Colette Series

Shot on location at: *StoryBrooke Gardens*


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