“No distance of place, or lapse of time, can lessen the friendship
of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each others worth.” — Robert Southey


Once upon a time there were pen pals. People would take out a sheet of paper, get a pen, sit down and write out a letter to someone. This letter would then go in the mail and we’d wait days -and even weeks- to get a reply.

Nowadays we still have pen pals, but instead of paper and pen we have email and instant messages. Instead of having to wait days for a response, it’s usually instantaneous.

It could be argued that this rapid response brings us closer together, even across the distances and miles. With a click of a few keystrokes we can talk to a person in another country as if they were sitting in the room with us. We laugh with each other. Cry with each other. Get angry at, and even celebrate achievements with each other.

Through great distances people have been able to form deep bonds of friendship, some have even fallen in love.

In this day and age, how far apart people are from each other doesn’t have the same baring. When you have a connection with someone, they are with you – no matter how many miles rest between.



Jeans: ODDITY Jeans -Love-  @ ReVamped February
Tattoo:  [White~Widow] Altar – Henna
Hair: Analog Dog – glamp – dark browns

set: :: N :: Kira Bedroom Set, Cupid’s Repose (Bed, Dresser, Mirror) @ ReVamped February
Map: Apple Fall Books & Map

Pose: DeePosed – [DP] Fireside 1


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