“I won’t dance”


(And now, a bit of fun with song lyrics. “I Won’t Dance” by Jane Monheit and Michael Bublé)

“I won’t dance.  Don’t ask me,”  said the lady. She addressed this comment to the gentleman who approached and took up a position directly across from her. In this grand outdoor ballroom there were plenty of alcoves – quite like the one she had taken refuge in – and this man had chosen hers.

The gentleman leaned casually against the pillar and adjusted his tie. He didn’t look at the lady, but choose to scan the crowd while addressing her. “I’m sorry, did I ask?”

After a quick glance to this ‘intruder’ on her solitude, the lady turned away from him.  “You will,” she replied, quite confident in her prediction. “Why else would you choose this spot?  Why not over there with them, or in one of the empty spots?” There were a few he could have chosen. The only reason he would come here, she could reason out, was conversation leading to a dance.

He laughed, low and nearly under his breath. “None of which would have proved as entertaining as these last few minutes.”

His retort earned him a narrowed glare. The lady squared back her shoulders and tipped up her chin. “I won’t dance, monsieur, with you.”

The gentleman meant what he had said – her imperious attitude was amusing. He tapped a foot against the ground. “I won’t dance, how could I?” he asked, a smile playing on his lips. “I’m like an ocean wave that bumped on the shore. I feel so absolutely stumped on the floor.”

The smile came unbidden to the lady’s lips and she turned away from him yet again. “I bet, when you dance, you’re charming and you’re gentle.”

He pushed off the pillar and offered her his arm. She saw what he was doing and laughed while shaking her head.


Dress: .::Fascino::. Obsession Gown @ Exclusively at Obsession Gallery starting Saturday (Feb 13)
Hair: Analog Dog – deborah – light browns

Broderick (thanks for posing! Check out his blog!)
Suit: Hoorenbeek Mesh Fitted Suit – Black
Shoes: Hoorenbeek Mesh Allen Shoes – black
Hair: Exile – High & Dry

Poses:  from an lar [poses] The Helena Series and The Dapper @ Collabor88


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