In the rain

In the Rain

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”


Whenever I’m out walking in the rain I can’t help but hum, and even sing, to myself.  Half of the time it’s to the lines from the song “Singing in the Rain” but, instead of simply dancing about, I’m swinging my large umbrella around whacking attacking ninjas. Yes, you read that right.

Even during those times when there is a torrential down pour, and the wind is pulling at my umbrella, and I get wet no matter what I do, I still find myself smiling. It’s a battle against the elements and my only defense is a contraption of fabrics and sticks.

Come on, can’t you see the humor in that?

When you’re out in the rain you may get wet, you could even get soaked, but you know what? Eventually the rain will end and you will dry off. Perhaps there may be some unfortunate consequences of the rainy romp, but things get better.

In life, things fall around us like rain.  The good, and the bad, we get them all. We can decide to go with the flow, ride it out, and find the joy in what’s going on around us. Or we can grumble, and complain.  I’m going to continue to sing and dance in the rain. Because, like I said, eventually the rain will end.




Outfit& Accessories : Wiccas Wardrobe & Enfant Terrible JOYCE Brown V2 @ We ❤ RP February
Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Celestine Boots @ We ❤ RP February
Hair: HOMAGE — Frenchie : Essentials

Pose: from An lar [poses] The Huntsman Series  @ Collabor88 February

Shot on location at:  The Looking Glass


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