Music in us


“Music is what feelings sound like.”


Everywhere around us there is music. It’s the soundtrack to our lives.  Whether happy or sad – or anything else in between –  there’s sure to be a melody that will suit what we are feeling. Music can entice people to battle, and on the other hand it can unite people together.  Music is able to transport us back to distant memories and even make us anxious for the future.

We find that music is that constant friend comforting us with it’s relatable lyrics. Suddenly there’s someone who understands what we’re going through. Sometimes we even create our own melodies.  We tap our feet or drum our fingers. We hum tunes unconsciously. We sway side to side with whatever it is our mind has on play.   We play the same song over and over, and over again until it has become a part of us.

I believe that music is ingrained into who we are.  Even our heart beats to a rhythm.



Wearing :

Shirt: .::Dead Dollz::. Autumn Sweater – Blue
Shoes:  *LpD* – *OldBoy* Boots Black
Hair:  Analog Dog – – sarah – dark browns

Pose from .::Nanika::. With guitar girl @ the Ross Event

Shot on location at:  Anarchist Keys


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