Power of words

Evening Sun

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper.

It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.” – Maya Angelou


I will always believe that words are powerful things. The impact that they have on a person can last much longer than any physical rendering. What is said stays in a persons mind, repeating itself over and over again. It becomes the sound of our subconscious voice, and it influences our actions even years after it was originally said.

Silence -staying quiet- is the only comparable thing, in my mind, to words.

A single word can lift the soul and at the same time a single word can tear a person down. The orchestrator of peace, and the instrument of destruction, given to everyone.

Some people use too many words, their meaning lost.  Others don’t use enough. Then there are those who purposely use the power of words to get what they want out of a person or situation. Honey coated words with the stinger still attached. There are those who are stung so much by words that they’ve lost the ability to feel. They walk around numb, slowly sinking into an emotionless pit.

Recently I had been flirting with that pit, and not out of my own volition. Words of others had left their marks and then everything I was being told washed over me.  Good, bad, they were not given much thought and felt meaningless. Everything was waxing lyrical – they sounded pretty, and that’s about it.

While in this state words reached out to me, coming from a source who’s I knew were true. They were words that I needed to hear and, even though these same words may have been said by others before, they did not have the same impact. These words spoke life into my situation and helped to pull me back up.

They were simple words, but the best things are simple.

Words are powerful. You never know the impact they can have so we should be mindful of what we say to one another. Let us use our words to help and not hurt.


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Hair: Analog Dog – molly –

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