Dreams and Imaginations


The world is so diverse and the multitude of people – with their varying thoughts and ideas – help make the world go around. We have big dreams and wild imaginings, but if we are not careful, society will seek to diminish them.

From the way we look, to the state of our living conditions, the world sees us and instantly draws their own conclusions. We get told that our dream is too big. Or that we don’t really want to do this, here is something more reasonable. These words can come from anyone: family, friends, or even those who think they know us.

People have an inborn desire to fit in and be accepted, many let go of their dreams and settle for the next best thing because that will gain the approval of the ones around them.

Great things didn’t come from the people who sought to fit into another persons vision. The  wonderful things that we have now didn’t come about because someone gave up on their dream. If the people you associate yourself with are not pushing you to do better – in whatever aspect of your life – then perhaps it’s time to change.

Don’t abandon your wants because those around you don’t understand it. Find those that do. Find someone who’s doing what you want to do, who has dreams as big -or bigger- than your own, or even those who may not have big dreams but cheer you on towards your own, and you associate with them.

If the people in your life are not going to bring out the best in you, then why are you spending your time on them?  We never forget how to dream, or how to imagine great things, we only have a tendency to let others dictate the way our lives should go.

It’s your dream, not theirs, and you have a right to it.




Dress: {POSH PIXELS} Cennie – Fire – OMEGA @ ReVamped March

Accessories :

Makeup:  !Musa! Eyeshadow Avery Smoky
gloves: L’Emporio ::*Lace Gloves*:: 5Colors with Applier_
wings: Le Coq D’or – Rainbow Butterfly GACHA @ Fair Play March
Headdress:  BamPu Legacies Great Gatsby Headdress @ ReVamped March
Necklace: Son!a Cabaret Lace Necklace -Silver Onyx @ J & A Expo
Pose from:  an lar [poses] The Enchante Series


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