Strength of a Woman


“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.”  – Maya Angelou


I wish that more females understood the power that they have. Though society has labeled us as “the weaker sex”, it takes a lot of strength to be what we are – and that is powerful.

This isn’t to say that being a guy is a walk in the park – I’m sure they have their trials too – but I’m not guy, and I can’t take part of their tribulations.

For generations females have been pushed into lesser roles in the workplace and in society. As small children we are given dolls are pretty things, planting subliminal messages into our minds about the roles we are expected to play. While males are given building blocks and told that they can be anything.

Now it’s our turn. Working almost twice as hard as a man, females are defying the gender roles and entering into the male dominate career paths. They are saying that they are not going to sit back and wait to be rescued, they can rescue themselves.  Females are embracing the fact, though they may not have the strength of their male counterparts, they are equally as smart.

There’s power there, open your eyes and see it. The world may try to put you in a box but woman, you are bold and beautiful.  Smart and witty. You bleed and don’t die. Your body breaks as you give birth to future generations, but you get up and carry on. Wars have started, and nations have crumbled all because of you.

A change is coming – albeit slowly – but it is.



Suit:  Addams // Jacket Suit with Shirt
Addams // Pants Suit with Belt

Hair: Magika [02] Which Witch

Pose: {QP} – A Man’s World [pose and set combined] @ {Pose Lovers} March


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