Before it’s too late


“Is it written in the stars? Are we paying for some crime? Is this all that we are good for, just a stretch amount of time? Is this God’s experiment, for which we have no say? To be given paradise but only for a day….” song is “Written in the Stars” by Elton John


No one knows how much time they have on this earth. Many of us take life for granted, and the things that we have. We go to bed thinking about tomorrow, and upcoming plans, or even a day in which we plan to do absolutely nothing.

Generally, no one makes plans to die.

Random shootings, attacks, car crashes – the unfortunate victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time – those people didn’t know they wouldn’t see another day. Even those that are sick and on their death beds seek a few more minutes

What if today was your last day? Would the people you love know it? Have you made the most of your day, and the days that have come before? Have you shown kindness and helped someone? Have you forgiven those who have done you wrong?

Once your gone, or that person is gone, it’s too late.



Storybook – Aries – Copper (Breastplate) @ The Fantasy Collective
Luas Anya Red (skirt) @ The Fantasy Collective
[Since1975] Givemelove – Wings – ULTRA RARE
Hair: Magika – 01 – Sparkle
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Achiga tattoo @ Tres Chic

Pose: Studio oOo:  – pretty seven


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