Beauty of Life


Often times we try to be in control of everything. We have to make sure that there is no room for error in our lives. We have to plan things out down to the last tick of the clock so as not to be surprised by anything.  What will happen if I go this way? What if I talk to this person? No.  Everything must go exactly as planned so I can stay on top, who cares about the things I may be missing!  Right?

We go so fast. We plan so much. We shade our eyes from the warmth and happiness around us because we didn’t plan on being happy until further down on our list.

Not everything in life can be controlled.  Not everything will follow the script we’ve written out for our lives. While it’s good to know what you want, and how you would like to go about it, stop looking away from the good things that are around you. Take time to bask in the sun and enjoy the beauty of life.

Dress: BlueMoon enterprise  – Lady Dazie Teal @ Fair Play April
Hair: Exile::Dancing on my own: 2. Dark Browns

Pose: Serendipity : Cry @ Pose Lovers


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