After a year. . .

Longing Main

It was last year when the lady and her courtier had to say goodbye. The time was not right for their indulgences. They were the wrong people. Circumstances mounted up and where the courtier had to go, the lady was not able to follow.

The day before the separation was to occur, the courtier took the lady by the hand and lead her to their secret place. It was decrepit greenhouse. Overgrown with vines and moss, the place had not been cared for in a number of years. Nothing had grown inside for a long time and the floor was a collection of hard packed dirt and rocks. The glass of the house was either mucked over with dirt and moss, cracked or broken. The stone walls – which had to have been quite lovely in their prime – were chipped, crumbling, and missing in many places. Even on the brightest of days the interior of the place was dim as sunlight didn’t reach in very far.

On that day the courtier lead the lady to the center of the green house. Earlier, he had worked a bit of the soil and now it was fresh for planting. Letting go of her hand the courtier knelt down in the dirt, not caring for the stain it would leave on his pants, and pulled a seed from within his jacket pocket. He looked up to the lady and said, “With this seed, life and color will grow again in this barren place. If you have patience, you will see something beautiful.”

Then the lady and the courtier said goodbye. Longing 2

Each day the lady went down to the greenhouse to check on the seed, and also work on repairing the old building. Doing this made her days a little more fulfilled. After a few months the seed started to grow, but to her surprise more sprouts grew up around the spot as well.  At the end of the year a wonderful rose garden had grown, and the greenhouse was neither dark, nor barren, anymore.

When it was a year to the day that the courtier had left, the lady gathered a few of the roses from the greenhouse.  She stood atop her balcony and looked out over the land. There was a path that lead out into the rest of the world and maybe, just maybe, she dared to think he would appear.

The courtier had been right. She had been patient throughout the year and had seen something beautiful, and she gained something else, too.  Hope.
Longing 3

Dress: ::Just Darling:: Johanna Gown Gold
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * YERIAK * brown
Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Keya Silver tatoo  @ Tres Chic

Pose: .::Nanika::. Girl with Roses @ Pose Lover

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