To Heal the World

The Faes
Once upon a time the world was overseen by two groups of fae: Earth and Air.

The Earth fae ruled over the ground and to them fell the responsibility of bringing life. Without them plants would not grow, and the creatures of the world would starve. Clearly, these fae were the most important of the two.

The Air fae ruled over the heavens. They positioned the clouds and orchestrated the patterns of the sun and moon. Rain and snow would at their bidding and the wind blew in accordance to their instruction. Without these fae there would be no seasons, nor water or sun to give to the world. Certainly they were the most important of the fae.

However, the two groups were very prideful and thought themselves more important than the other. One day a fight broke out over which group was more important to the world. This led to a feud and the two groups – that had worked together since time began – broke apart. Neither would help the other anymore.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks became months. Months became years. Without the sun to bring its warmth the world grew cold and, without the rain to wash away impurities, the air grew stale and toxic. Plant life disappeared without the nourishment from the earth. Famine and drought spread over the world and its inhabitants starved. Dry ground cracked in many places causing sections of earth to split away from one another.

Slowly the world was dying and the fairies, too, began to disappear. In spite of this the feud continued.

One day, an Air Fae came to the ground seeking a respite from the toxic air above. The dry earth nicked at her feet and her heart sank at seeing the wasteland all around her. Up ahead she spotted an Earth fae kneeling upon the broken ground. Her initial reaction was to flee before she was seen. She fluttered her wings and rose back into the sky.

“This has to stop.” A voice called after her and she stopped. Of course, it was the Earth fae, looking up at her with sadness in her eyes. The Fae held a crumbled flower in her hand. “Look at what we’ve done to the earth.”

The Air Fae regarded the one on the ground and spread out her arms. “Look at what we’ve done to the sky.” She came back to the ground.

The two of them silently studied the other. They were both fae, even though they looked different, and they shared the same desires. They both were needed for the survival of the world. All of this had started over pride and it was time to make it right. Change has to start somewhere.

“I need you,” confessed the Earth fae as she stepped forward.

“We need each other,” responded the Air fae as she took the Earth fae’s hand.

At once they could feel energy passing between them. It ran through their bodies and out into the ground and sky. Where the two Fae stood, life returned and the sky was cleansed. They were only two, and they couldn’t heal the world alone, but all it takes is two to start a change in the world. From their example others would follow and the world would be whole once again.



Deva (Thanks for posing with me! Check out her blog ‘DevastatingSL’ )
Dress – Maitreya:  Zene Dress in Silver Blue
Wings –  .:Soul:. – Oree
Hair: Lode – Sweet pea
Accessories: Hydrangea on Forearm and Hand in white from *NAMINOKE*
Melide flower vines on arms and legs from *Sweet Kajira*

Ryanna ( That’s me!)
{POSH PIXELS} Sibylline (Crown, arm and leg vines) @ The Fantasy Faire
~Soraida~ Springbok Silver (top/skirt) @ The Fantasy Faire
Wings: Faeline Fairy Wings – Ayano (rose) @ The Fantasy Faire
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kera @ The Epiphany

Set pieces:
Sylvan Water Sprite @ The Fantasy Faire
Sylvan Fire Sprite @ The Fantasy Faire
Jinx BE: Mystical Unicorn Reclining – “Lao” @ The Fantasy Faire

Pose: .::Nanika::. Our Secret @ Pose Lover

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