Colorful tracks

Making tracks

When you stand out, you draw attention to yourself. It can be overwhelming as you can receive both praise and ridicule at the same time. You may start to hear people talking and realize that they are talking about you. This is something that a lot of people are not capable of handling. Therefore they sink back down into the shadows. They take off their bright colors and they mute their ideas and go back to emulating what everyone else is doing.

Your identity isn’t in the shadows. You can’t design yourself by forming your personality based on what will make you accepted by others. When you do this you’re signing up for a charade – a part in a play that you constantly have to perform and that gets weary.

It may be easier to follow in the footsteps of someone else, doing the exact things that they did, but there’s no guarantee that you will garner the same rewards as they did. What they got was for them.  You are not them, and they are not you.

You may not know where your path is going, and it may not be as smooth and easy to walk on as others, but you travel it anyway.

It’s your path, and it’s your time. Put on your colors and shine, shine, shine.



Dress: Zibska ~ Aviva @ ReVamped May
Hair: .Olive. the Cupcake Hair
GizzA – Vintage Pearl Necklace [Cream]
Lazuri Cocoa Island Bracelets & Hat

Pose from An Lar Kildare Series – @ We ❤ RP May

Shot on location at:  Nusquam


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