Slight of hand


Today Mr. Curtis and Ms. Fox were walking along the streets of a busy downtown area. They had been out for hours and Ms. Fox was rather enjoying herself — that is until she started to get hungry.  Mr. Curtis tried to play it cool. He had insisted that she leave her purse at home – unbeknownst to her, he had done the same. He seemed wary about her being robbed and she found humor in the irony, though the thoughtfulness was appreciated.  Now he needed a plan.

After taking a quick look around, Mr. Curtis saw a guitar propped up against a stool not too far from where they were. A hat sat upside down on the stool and he was certain that it held money. Surprisingly no one seemed to notice, or care about the lone items. It must belong to a local street musician, thought Mr. Curtis, but where was he?

Leaving the crowds, he lead Ms. Fox down a pair of steps and towards the prize. Mr. Curtis didn’t know how much time he had before the owner of the hat and guitar would return so he would have to act quickly. He also had to make sure his companion didn’t know that he had taken her out empty-handed.

Mr. Curtis removed her arm from his and Ms. Fox wandered over to a nearby shop to peek in the windows. She heard singing and quickly turned around, her face filled with embarrassment when she saw that it was Mr. Curtis. Singing.  Badly. This had to stop.


“What are you DOING?!” She whispered loudly.

“What? No good?” He asked.

The roll of her eyes was the reply Ms. Fox gave. Smells of a nearby cafe took her attention and she looked that way, momentarily forgetting the bad performance. That’s when Mr. Curtis rolled his fedora down his arm, and switched it with the one on the musician’s stool.  He flipped the new up on top of his head quickly, keeping all of the dollars inside, and now, on his head, under his new hat.  His right hand on the front; left hand on the back brim of the hat, he adjusted it on his head and walked back to her. Perfect, she’d never know.

Leaving. The stool behind Mr. Curtis offered her his arm. “I’m hungry. Let’s eat.”

Ms. Fox smiled. Not only because they were finally getting food, but she noted the different hat.


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )

Top: B Barbie Style: His Urban Spring Jacket @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Pants: B Barbie Style His Urban Spring Jeans @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Hat: Chapeau Couture Essex Linen Fedora – Tan
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Draco Boots – Toasted

Ryanna (That’s  me!)
Pants: Glitter Loose pants mesh glitter silver @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16
Shirt: Glitter Loose Blouse mesh glitter Fiesta  @ .PENUMBRA.SSFW16

Tattoo:  .::Nanika::. Rose tattoo
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kasimire [Light Browns]


Ryanna –Glitter Poses–  Back Serie 2 – # 5 and 7  @ Pose Lover
Broderick –Poseidon Poses – Crooner M5 @ Pose Lover
KlubWerk Poses Homme 07 @ Pose Lover

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