Is this the end . . . ?


It wasn’t suppose to end like this. Not like this. Between the broken columns and fading light of day, tears streamed down Ori’Ziya’s face as she knelt over the lifeless body of her companion, Bayde. As his skin took on the pale color of death, she had to admit the truth: this was the end, and he was gone.

What had started out as a simple misunderstanding between the Trolls and Humans had erupted into war. Bayde, the commander of the human forces, had gone to see the elvish King and ask for his support. That was when he met Ori’Ziya. The Kings youngest daughter, she was a general in her father’s army and thought that they shouldn’t meddle in human affairs. However, while working with Bayde, her stance on humans changed. They had helped each other out more than once on the battlefield and, as a result, had grown closer.

During the afternoon of this fateful day, Bayde had sent word asking her to meet him in the stone clearing a few miles outside the elven city. When Ori’Ziya arrived she saw him standing inside the old, wooden, gazebo. He looked grand with the silver and gold dragon claw gauntlet on his arms, and his cloak billowing in the breeze, but something was wrong.  She felt it.

“Bayde?” Ori’Ziya asked as she approached him. “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” The tone of her voice was eager and afraid.

He was slow to answer. Bayde reached out and carefully took her hand in his clawed glove. His eyes held adoration for the small elf that was before him, and a smile played on the corner of his lips. He did his best to keep the pain which was tearing at his insides from showing on his face. If this was going to be the last time he saw her, he didn’t want her to look at him through teary eyes.

Earlier that morning he had been the target of an assassin who had slipped poison into his drink. Bayde had not drank much before his senses alerted him to the danger, but it was still in his system. That he didn’t die immediately told him it was slow acting. He probably stole more time by not drinking it all, but he did not know how much time he had left.
“I’m leading a group of my men along to mountain path to the West. It’s risky, but if we can traverse the path we’ll be able to flank the trolls and gain a huge advantage.” Bayde spoke steadily, his eyes watching her face. “It will bring a quick end to the war, Ori’Ziya.”

“That mountain is dangerous! No one has been able to go that way since the rock slide a few years ago.”

“Which is what makes this plan so good. They will not be expecting us from that direction.”  He brought a hand to her face in an effort to still her fears, for he could see them plainly written across her face.

He was a soldier, it would be wrong of her to ask him not to go. He had to do what he could to bring peace back to the land. Ori’Ziya watched him a while longer before nodding her head. “Those trolls will never know what hit them.”

Bayde tarried until he felt he could no longer maintain his guise, then he kissed her hand and saddled up on his horse, and rode out. Ori’Ziya watched him go, a heart weighted down with words she didn’t say.

That feeling stayed with her throughout the rest of the day.  Ori’Ziya occupied herself with the fighting, but her mind was elsewhere.  It wasn’t until the end of the day that she received word that the Trolls were retreating after taking a heavy loss in the rear.  Bayde did it.  He and his men had been successful!

Ori’Ziya left her station and went off to find him. It took her several hours to do so but, in the fading light, amongst broken ruins of a long forgotten temple, she saw him laying, unmoving, on the ground. She had wanted to celebrate his victory, and say what she hadn’t earlier that day. Now those words bore heavy on her tongue as she walked over to him. Whenever they went off to fight there was a chance of death and she had faced the possibility boldly.

As she was leaning over him a tear fell from her eye and landed on his cheek. If she was looking, Ori’Ziya would catch a barely visible twitch at the corner of his eye…



Broderick ( Check out the story from his viewpoint here: A Gentlemen’s Game )
Outfit – ::Gabriel:: Gabriel:  Armour ( Gorget Collar, Belt, Boots, Pants) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Gloves: Noble Creations – [NC] – L of W Bracers – Berserk Iron scales
Shoulders: Noble Creations – [NC] – Pauldron – Left (Male)
Helmet: Noble Creations – [NC] – War Helmet – RED
Hair: [monso] My Hair – Matthew /Black
Blood on Face: Corvus: Murder Face Tattoo

Outfit: =Zenith=Berserker ( Breastplate/ Gloves/ Long boots/ shorts with belt/ shoulders ) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Hair: *ARGRACE* HARUKA – Vanilla

Set Design:

Noble Creations – [NC] – War Ground Standard
Noble Creations – [NC] – Classic Fountain
MOoH! Wood gazebo Mossy (gacha) RARE @ The Clubhouse Gacha
Noble Creations – [NC] – Fantasy Liana Brown
* PREFABRICA * ruins 03

Poses: All poses can be found at the current round of Pose Lover – May
Picture #3:  KKlubWerK.poses – Sad Song-
Picture #2 :LW: Poses  – Make it work
Pictur #1: XXY  – Want to fight


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    • Ryanna Foxclaw says:

      Thank you Rozen! I’m really glad that you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I should have known you were a fantasy fan (though the picture you have with elvish ears was a hint). Thanks for reading!

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