Late Dinner


Evening. Ryanna stopped at the outdoor bistro which was not too far away from home.  Before she had gotten off of work she had received a text message from him. it read: Late dinner. Usual spot. Meet you there. Order the sandwiches.

It was direct and too the point, but then again, so was he.

“Good evening, Ms. Foxclaw,” the hostess, a young lady with long legs and a bright smile, greeted Ryanna as she came through the doors. The lady looked over Ryanna’s shoulder while plucking a menu from the counter. “Dining alone this evening?”

I must have gotten here before him, Ryanna thought to herself as she turned a smile to the hostess. “He’ll be joining me later,” she replied. “Is our usual table open?”

The hostess nodded. “Yes, ma’am. Right this way, please.”

Ryanna followed, though she could have navigated to the outdoor table with her eyes closed. That’s how often she had meals at this spot. Once at the table she waved off the menu. “Already know what to order. Two  Cajun turkey sandwiches please, one coffee and one tea.”

The hostess nodded, turned, and headed to the kitchen. Ryanna pulled out her phone to check the time. It wasn’t late yet, and he hadn’t left a message. She could wait.

Twenty minutes later the food had arrived but the chair across from her was still empty. If he didn’t arrive soon, she was going to eat without him. Ryanna tossed that idea back and forth. It was tempting. As she was eying the food she saw someone approaching the table.

Ryanna looked up and smiled. “I thought I’d have to eat these alone.”


Outfit: Belles Parisiennes -Tenue Veronique Pied de Poule&White- @ .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week 
Hair:  Vanity Hair::   The Crown-
eyeshadow: !Musa! Eyeshadow Avery Smoky

Shot on location at : Elysion

2 thoughts on “Late Dinner

  1. devawestland says:

    I really love the sense of ‘end of the day’ to this. The warm sense of anticipation of meeting that special someone for dinner is tangible. It’s another lovely piece of writing, but the picture is excellent. You are always so very elegant and stylish, dear Lady! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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