Breaking to the surface . . .


Shalas stumbled as she broke through to the surface from the Underdark. The moon was bright. After having lived a couple hundred years in near total darkness, its light was blinding. Her eyes became like slits as she fumbled forward, navigating the terrain as best she could and putting distance behind herself and any attackers that may be following.

She should have seen this day coming. For weeks now there had been tension between her Drow House, Kil’an’dara, and the High Priestess. Shalas had shown disrespect to the Drow goddess, the Spider-Queen Loth, and that offense was punishable by death. Nothing had happened to her then but, on this day, while she was out, the High Priestess and her followers had struck. Shalas had arrived home to find all the members of her House killed. Even the servants.

Now here she was, alone and on the surface, in a land where all she knew about the creatures here came from stories. Shalas did not hear anyone following. It must be the light, she thought. The shine was hurting her eyes and she used a bit of magic to place a dark cast over her vision.  That was better, at least for now.  She would have to find shelter before the sun came up – stories said its light was brighter than the moons – then she would figure out a plan.



outfit: Storybook – Bard @ The Fantasy Collective
Shoulders: Storybook – Morrigan – Raven @ The Dark Style Fair
Skin: [Gauze] Chronicle – Drow – Silver
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kera [Black & Whites]

Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Jiya tattoo @ SaNaRae Event
Maitreya Vintage Collar – Black
Suicide Gurls – Riona Body Chain
* May’s Soul * chain face black
shoes: [Hopes Creation] Button Boots

Picture#1:  Nanika:  Girl with a Dagger
Pictur #2: {.::SkyPose::.} Hips Hands @ Pose Lover Begins May 31st!

Shot on location at: Forest of Shara

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