Shipwrecked . . .

One moment she was out on her dingy, slowly drifting on the peaceful waters in the land of tranquilly, then along came a storm. The turbulence rocked her small craft and threw it across the water. She wasn’t prepared for this. It was suppose to be an easy day, and she had not come prepared for a rough day at sea.

When the wind and ocean had settled down, she found that her raft had come aground on the rocks. It didn’t take her long to realize that she was no longer in familiar waters. The bright, colorful sky, and rich colors of the sea and land that she knew had been replaced by washed out, or muted, tones. Even her own attire of pink didn’t even seem as cheerful as it did back home.

Where am I? She wondered. For the moment she left her raft where it was and climbed up the rocks, moving forward to the last one and looking around. Which way had she come from? She turned one way, and then the next. It was logical to think that there would be land nearby, and this was shallow water, because of the rocks. The young pirate expect to at least see signs of a reef, or land, but there was nothing.

She was lost in this land of uncertainty, with no clear direction of where to go. One thing was for certain – nothing would be attained if she stayed in one place, so she walked back over the rocks and to her raft. It was time to get back in the water, and set off into whatever lay ahead.


Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we get knocked out of our peaceful situations and end up in unknown territory, or a place we would rather not be. When this happens, it does no good to stay there. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and tackle the circumstances.


[Mistique] Mylaela – @ The Jackpot Gatcha (Until the 25th)
Hair: *ARGRACE* MAYU – Coppers
shoes: [Dolphin Design Mesh]Gothic Leather Boots with HUD2

Pose: From an lar [poses] The Noir Series @ Shiny Shabby

shot on location at Green Story


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