I’m the girl who . . .

When I was growing up there were a lot of images out there which told females how they were suppose to look – sadly this still goes on today. If you wanted to have friends, if you didn’t want to stick out, if you didn’t want to be made fun of, then you had to be able to complete a checklist on the way you looked, and the things that you did.

As a child I wanted to fit into the margins of those requirements. I believed that it would grant me friendships and afford me luxuries of being a “pretty girl”. As I got older, I realized more of my own self-worth and began to care less about fitting into the mold. This doesn’t mean that I have forgotten everything that was fed to me nor does it help that, as an adult, I hear some of the same things.

Tivi , a fellow blogger, put forth a challenge to “Roast yourself”. Perhaps I’m spinning it differently.

If you want to make it in this industry, you need to be a lighter shade. Loosen up, let’s have some ‘fun’, you’re suppose to want that. You don’t care about anyone. You don’t act like a girl. That’s some of what people have said to me.

Let me tell you something.

I’m not the girl with the silky skin who’s paper thin. I’m not the girl that everyone knows at the party. I’m not the girl who has been with everybody and is waiting on the next ride. I don’t act like a girl? What exactly does that mean? If being independent and taking care of my own, if standing up for things and speaking my mind makes me something other than a girl then, I guess, they’re right.

I know who I am, and who I am, is me.

Outfit: ::MM:: Bag [Funky Free Bird] Blue @ Revamped July (until the 20th)
Hair: Analog Dog – julieta – dark browns
Shoes: Slipper – Shania Sandals @ Revamped July (until the 20th)

Pose #1 an lar [poses] The Still Series @ The Crossroads

Shot on location at: Green Story


4 thoughts on “I’m the girl who . . .

  1. Broderick Cade Logan says:

    That’s my girl. My favorite blog of yours to date, and I love many. Proud of you, and who you are; what you’ve overcome and continue to stand for. Your principles and heart are nearly unmatched. I’m blessed to have been on the side of you that got to watch how you handle situations you’ve been in, good and bad. You’ve always continued to love others, encourage people, see the best…. Those damn positives. *smiles* I could say so much more, but then it’d mine as well be a blog post of it’s own. 😉 You’re beautiful, Ryanna Foxclaw.

    Liked by 1 person

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