Accept and relax . . .

I admit it – I’m guilty of over thinking. Sometimes I see or hear something and run with it.  Breaking the information down to pieces. Dissecting it hundreds of ways and making possible “what if” scenarios.

I like to say that I do this so I can be prepared for whatever may happen. “I saw it coming!” But you know what the trouble is? In all the over thinking and analyzing, I could worry myself to death.

Sometimes it’s good to take things at face value. We don’t have to analyze everything and wonder why he said this and she did that. Something positive happened?  Great! Accept it for what it is and be happy. Something bad happened? Alright, it might not be the best thing, but it can’t be changed – and thinking about it over and over won’t change the outcome either. Some things you simply have to let go.

Accept things without over thinking.  Relax.  That’s what I’m going to do, and you should try it too.

Dress: Mag.B Emma dress SUMMER @
Trend Fashion Fair

Jewelry:  Apple May Designs – Aria Jewels
Mistique- Lavina Pink ( Rose Circlet White

Hair: little bones. Pose – The Brunette @ Hair Fair 2016
Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Neysa tattoo @ Tres Chic July

Pose:  Coffee (Female)  from Poseidon @ Pose Lover and Friends

Shot on location at: *StoryBrooke Gardens*


2 thoughts on “Accept and relax . . .

  1. devawestland says:

    What a gorgeous… and dreamy picture. I can really feel the sense of calm in it. Your words are wise, my friend. You are not alone in needing to not overthink things ;)… but you knew that already, huh. ❤


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