Fox & Curtis .|. Royal Blood

Through her sources Ms. Fox found out that the person behind the theft and murder at the Marqué Estate in Saint Luca was Eleuterio Mînguez, her second Uncle and one of the leaders of the Spanish cartels. If he was still the same person she knew as a child, then he would have stashed the book with his antique collection at the old Rawcliffe Castle in York, England. Part of the old castle was used for tourism and rented for high profile events – it was a good cover – and Ms. Fox thought that retrieving it from there would be an easy task.

After she relayed this information to Mr. Curtis – leaving out her family relation – they were on their way. The family was not there, leaving the castle operated by employees to oversee tourism, and the two of them split up to cover more ground. Soon Ms. Fox found herself in library.

It has to be here, she said to herself, and she quickly looked around. After a few moments she thought she had heard something outside the door. It almost sounded like a scuffle. It didn’t last long, but it left her with a sinking feeling in her chest. Ms. Fox began her search again and found the book nestled secretly behind a large tome. Now that she had it, she was off to meet her partner in the Great Hall.

Ms. Fox gasped as she opened the study door. On the floor were a pair of dead guards. That must have been the noise she had heard, but why were they outside her door and who killed them? No time to waste, she stepped over the bodies. On the way to the Hall, she picked up a golden scepter from a weapons collection.  If the killer was still about, she needed to arm herself.

When she arrived at the Great Hall she saw Mr. Curtis sitting slumped over in the throne of the great Edward Langley. Relieved to see him safe, she eased on to the arm of the throne. “I see you’re doing your usual lazing arou-…….” Ms. Fox’s eyes widened now with worry as she looked down at the back of his shirt and grabbed his shoulder.  “What happened! Are you okay? Oh no….”

Mr. Curtis growled at her touch and pulled away. He looked at her and she let go, never having seen that look in his eyes before. In a moment that look was gone. He rolled his eyes and rested his elbows on his knees. A gun was in his hand.

Breathlessly he asked, “Did you….. Did you get what we came here for?”

Worry was etched all over her face. “It was you…. “ Ms. Fox said softly. “You killed those guards?”

“They weren’t guards… At least, they weren’t guards in that sense.  Those were hitmen.”  He wasn’t going to let it go this time.  She couldn’t see his face, but Mr. Curtis’ jaw was tight when he wasn’t speaking, and his eyes were dark.  “Perhaps you know why they were here.”

The only thing Ms. Fox could think of was that her source had betrayed her, and told Eleuterio Mînguez that she was coming. Ms. Fox was afraid to tell him the truth.  She didn’t know how he would react, but now that he killed those men, he was in danger himself.

Ms. Fox stood and laid the scepter against the throne and stepped in front of Mr. Curtis. He was watching her, she could feel his eyes, and she bent down and placed the book at his feet.

Mr. Curtis looked down. The book was open, blood on cut out pages. He flipped through the contents and found what he knew to be bank account numbers. His head shot up to look at her, but instead of her usual proud smile her face was heavy with worry.  There was even a wet trail from one of her eyes down her cheek.

“No….. No.  No,” he said, standing and reaching for her. Mr. Curtis pulled Ms. Fox into his embrace.  “I’m fine.”  Although he winced again, he let himself feel… Not just the pain that was increasing in his shoulder, but the warmth she gave him whenever she was near.

Clearing his throat, he collected his thoughts as he swallowed, pulled back and looked at her. Mr. Curtis then holstered his gun, and took her hand.

“We need to talk…..  Ms. Fox.”


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )

Holster: Gabriel :GB:: Holster RARE
Shirt: Gabriel ::GB:: Rolling up sleeves Shirt blood
Pants: Gabriel ::GB:: Straight pants Black
Shoes: Gabriel ::GB::Leather shoes / Black
Gun: :BAMSE: Assassin’s Gacha – Clean

Ryanna (That’s me!)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dune – light browns
Dress: *Just BECAUSE* Mirage Dress – Antique
Jewelry: Alchemy Immortalis ( Waxwing Damsel Encantado Talismanic Pendant )

Noble Creations [NC] – The King’s Throne, Candelabrum, Wall Shield and Scepter @ The Secret Affair
Noble Creations
 [NC] – (DARK) Simple Swords Wall Decoration
Noble Creations [NC] – Medieval Braziel
:BAMSE: Assassin’s Tome RARE

Photo 1: shi.s.poses  pose collection #6 @ Pose Lover & Friends (ends July 31st)
Photo 2: (Broderick) Animation from Noble Creations [NC] – The King’s Throne @ The Secret Affair
Photo 2: (Ryanna) Ryanna on Throne: .::AnVeay::. Set Poses – Pink delight #3 – 2 @ Pose Lover & Friends (ends July 31st)
Photo 3: Something New SN~ Our Safe Place @ Pose Lover & Friends (ends July 31st)


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