Presentation is everything . . .

When I was growing up – even in my older years – my mother would tell me, “Presentation is everything.”  Meaning that we are to take care in how we appear to other people.

No, it isn’t about wearing the most expensive clothes, or having your hair done flawlessly everyday. It is about your attitude. Your mindset. In a world where the things you do can be known by a multitude of people in a matter of moments, what are you putting out?

Are you the type of person whose presence will lift up a person or situation? Or are you the type of person who brings along a dark cloud and invites everyone to have a bit of your misery?

Presentation is everything. When you’re going through a rough patch yet still manage to help out and encourage others, you’re showing strength. You may even be giving others hope. When you’re out with friends and they start to pick on someone, but you don’t join in, maybe you even deter them from their antics, that’s increasing your presence.

Every time you turn around there’s something looking to get you down. If you’re having a bad day, don’t take it out on innocent bystanders. If you’re angry at someone don’t go out for revenge by throwing dirt about them all around. What does that say about you? What is that doing to your own presentation?

Presentation is everything, and you can only present yourself so many times before you’ve earned a reputation. Make it a positive one.


Outfit: ::Mirror:Mirror :: Bag [Here Comes the Sun][Cherry] @ ReVamped August
Shoes: Slipper Originals – Marisol @ ReVamped August
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Elira –  browns


BellePoses – Girls Of Summer (Chair w/pose and coconut) @ Pose Lover and Friends event
Chez Moi Dock Parking Float Ski @ The Gacha Garden (Aug 1-30th 2016)
Chez Moi Splash and Ziggy Float Ski @ The Gacha Garden (Aug 1-30th 2016)


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