School is in session

It’s that time of year again where students are gathering school supplies and kissing the last respite of summer good-bye before being claimed by the Education System.

Before you go, here are some lessons you should learn.

Lesson one: Dress for success. If people are going to look at you, give them something to see.

Lesson two: Pay attention to the rules. If you don’t, how do you know what you can get away with?

Lesson three: Recruit allies. You’ll need people on your side to help when you’re in a rough patch.

Lesson four: Hit the books. Homework can be brutal, and even seem like extended torture, but you don’t want to end up in detention. Do you?

But, if for some reason you find yourself on the wrong side of the ‘law’ we’ll be waiting for you.




Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )
Jacket: BlankLine Blazer and tee-shirts [Denim] TshirtsOUT
Pants: Redgrave Jeans+Belt LQMesh/ClassicCut Blue
Shoes: Redgrave Blake Loafers – Black
Glasses: Fleebish! Reading Glasses Tape

Anderian Sugarplum ( Check  out her blog: Lost in my Imagination )
outfit :[monso] My School Look – SS2
Hair : [monso] My School Look – SS2
Shoes: D-style – Tippy Sneaks Dark
Skin applier: alaskametro<3 MODA skin in “Rose” – brunette

Hania Amidst ( Check out her Flickr )
Outfit- C’est la vie – Sarah school look
Hair: Magika – Which Witch
Socks- Sarah.James socks- Shiny Shabby anniversary gift
Shoes- Orange*Pekoe– School Mery Janes

Ryanna ( That’s me!)
Outfit: {POSH PIXELS} Prep Skool v2  @ ReVamped August
Hair: Magika – 03 – Heartbeat
[[EC]] LOL Nerd Glasses
::K:: Accent Tie Leather-Vintage

Set poses:

GLITTERATI – Schooled (Desk / blackboard)
an lár [poses] The Sarah Series @ The Crossroads (Until Aug 28)



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