In the country


It had been a lazy day for the two of them – but it was the type of day that they needed – riding along the countryside on the back of his horse, Outlaw.  There was one problem: she was a city girl and riding in a saddle for hours was not something to which she was accustomed.

They were already started on the road back when he looked up at the sky. The day had been bright and sunny, but now there was a chill and scent of rain in the air. “We better head back, or we’ll be caught in it.”

There was a benefit to being behind him – he couldn’t easily see her smile. “Being caught out here on the mountain, with you, in the rain… Doesn’t sound so bad to me.”  She bit her bottom lip and grinned shyly at him from behind.

He gripped the reigns while he turned his head and flashed her a smirk before he kicked his heels into Outlaw. The horse spurted forward, causing her to clutch tightly to him as she squealed and laughed. She gripped him tighter with her thighs – just as he taught her – but still bounced behind him in the saddle as the horse traveled down the trail.

‘Not enjoying that at all…. No….,’ he thought, knowing full well he was lying to himself.

Once they reached the barn he dismounted and grabbed the reigns, walking Outlaw and his lady the rest of the way. His truck had stalled earlier – right in the middle – and now he had to carefully lead his horse around the small space.

Getting Outlaw in the proper place, he then helped his lady off the back of the horse. She placed her hands on his shoulders and slide down his front until her feet touched the ground. He caught his breath and then growled at the way her clothes moved and the feel of her body against his. “ Damn, you feel good,” he exhaled.

She grinned, and then had back a whine of disappointment when he let her go and proceeded to the bar area. Without his weight, her legs felt unsteady and she pursed her lips together as she leaned against a stable post.

Walking back, he saw how she was standing and asked, “Feeling okay?”  He frowned and handed her a cup.

She giggled a bit as she shook her head and took the drink. “Yes… I’m fine. I think I need to learn to walk again though.”

His free hand went around her waist, “Well, let’s sit you on the back of the truck for a min….”  He was cut short as his Lady began to drop down. Her knees wobbly, but he caught her. The hand around her waist quickly pulled her closer and securely. Consequently the contents of her cup spilled all over the front his shirt.

Looking at him, now. with wide-eyes she checked his expression before bursting out in a laugh. He rolled his eyes and momentarily sat down his cup before he picked her up, threw her over his shoulder, and spanked her ass. She squealed and tried swatting his as well, but had a tougher time reaching as she was partially shaken around by his stride.

He plopped her down on the side of the truck, and put his cup on the bed. “Can you manage sitting there okay, ma’am?” He asked, slowly taking some steps back. Holding his hands out to be sure of her balance. She gave him a reassuring nod and walked away, back to her as he worked on taking off his wet shirt.

She pulled up her knees and dangled her half empty cup from her finger tips, watching him undress. The drink was spilled by accident, that’s what she would say, even if it wasn’t true.  Once he was done, she handed him her cup. ” I likely don’t need this now.”

“Oh?  Why’s that?  Need your hands free for something in particular?” He had felt her gaze on him the entire time, but remained casual; relaxed. His stride calm and collected as he walked back to her and draped the wet shirt on one side of her. He took her cup and set it aside, reaching for his hat.  His lips twitched to a smirk as he placed it on his head.

“Oddest feeling… Like hands are all over me, yet there aren’t any.”  He turned his head to his left, looking at her out of the corner of his eyes.

“Just the caress of the wind . . .” said as she tried to play it off and looked away from him.  She took a bit of straw and stuck it between her lips.  She chewed on that for a moment, turning over the thoughts in her head, before she spoke again.  “Might be a while before your shirt is dry.”

He turned around now, grabbing her jean clad ass in his hands and squeezed hard, yanking her towards him.  “I don’t know if I can stand yet,” she said in playful protest.

“Who said I wanted you to be able to walk?”  His mouth was parted and he tilted his head, brushing his lips across hers.  He didn’t kiss her yet, but he kept teasing her with his lips and his shallow breaths. Her arms went around his neck as she pushed up from the side of the truck. Having space now, instinctively his hand swung back and smacked and grabbed her ass as he walked them around to the tailgate.  He turned and  sat on the edge while she had a knee on either side of him.

Their eyes were locked. The air charging with sexual energy as he scooted to the back of the truck, her crawling slowly after him. Cat-like. He swore she even purred. “There’s a saying out here in the country . . .”  He started to say.

The peripherals of his vision caught the sway of her hips and the dip of her shoulders as he continued to look her straight in her eyes. She reached his chest, and leaned to lick him, but didn’t . . Just let him feel her warm breath as her face traveled up towards his ear where she whispered, “Tell me…. Tell me what it is.”

His fingers dug in and scraped upwards into her thighs, making their way to her shorts. He latched his fingers into the waist, gripping them firmly in his palms. He tilted his head opposite hers, turned his face closer, and dragged his bottom teeth across her neck until he couldn’t anymore, at which he closed his mouth over her skin, sucking lightly.  Then he replied, “Save a horse…… Ride a cowboy.”

With that, he yanked at her jean shorts, ripping them…



Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )

Hair: *ARGRACE* SHUN – Ebony
Necklace: Gabriel – ::GB::Angel wings necklace( Male) / Silver
Belt Buckle: Tam – Belt Buckle – God Bless America – Oval
Pants: Legal Insanity – Lucious baggy plain old jeans
Cuffs: [ hoorenbeek ] Leather Cuff – Men
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots – Men

Ryanna ( That’s me!)

Top: Blueberry – Knotted Tops /Bra/ – Maitreya – Sky
Shorts: Blueberry – Ripped Denim Shorts – Belted
Hair: *ARGRACE* Cowboy Hat / MINAMI – Coppers
Shoes: *LpD* – *OldBoy* Boots Black (Unisex)


Picture 1: {:Q: Poses – Couple Horse Pose Set 3 @ Pose Lover & Friends (this round ends August 28th)
Picture 2: Serendipity: in a safe place… @ Pose Lover & Friends
(Broderick): {.:exposeur:.} Cowboy Up (Out of business)
Picture 3:  +Mouni Poses+ Exclusive for Pose Lover & Friends Couple Pose 2 @ Pose Lover & Friends (this round ends August 28th)





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