I will return . . .

They only had tonight.  In the morning everything will have changed.

“Don’t go,” Ori’Ziya said. Standing there on top of the hill with Bayde, this moment had all the makings of a carefree, serene, scene. Instead it was overshadowed by what was to come.

The war had ended three months ago and the humans, who had enlisted the elves help in fighting off the trolls, were anxious to reevaluate their treaty They had seen the benefits, and if they could have access to Elven resources, they could be a more formidable force. After months of back and forth communication, the Elven King decided to send a convoy out to meet with the human leadership on their behalf. Bayde – having once been human before the magic that saved his life turned him into an elf- volunteered for the mission. Though he was still new to the King’s council, the mission would take Bayde away from his daughter, and so the request was heartily accepted.

Bayde reached for Ori’Ziya’s hands and placed a kiss on her forehead. He spoke softly to her.  “I know these people, and they know me. I’m the best qualified to assess the situation.”

She said nothing in return. Chin to her chest and eyes cast down, she was looking at her small fingers in his big hand. Ori’Ziya drew in a steadying breath. “And what will you do, Bayde, when your human life calls back to you? How do you think you’ll be treated when they discover that one of their best men did not die in the war but is now, somehow, an elf?”

Bayde didn’t have an answer to give that would soothe her mind. There were many days in which he still woke up confused as to how he was alive. He had sensory awareness and abilities he hadn’t had before. And these ears? Bayde was still trying to recognize the man he saw in the mirror.

He slipped an arm around her back and held her close. Ori’Ziya was careful of the spikes on his armor.

“I don’t know, Ori’Ziya,” he answered honestly. “You don’t trust them, I know. But I promise you that I will return.”

They stood there, quietly, together, each keeping their own thoughts, until the sunset.

BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: [Boss Style] Adam Hair
Collar: Gabriel – ::GB::Armour Gorget Collar Gold (gacha)
Pants: Gabriel – ::GB::Gladiator Pants Gold (gacha)
Shoes: Gabriel – ::GB::Gladiator Boots GOLD (gacha)
Belt: Gabriel – ::GB::Gladiator Belt Black
Cloak & Pauldrons: Noble Creations – [NC] Cloak & [NC] Pauldrons
Arm Band: [BODY FACTORY] Illusion Knife Bracelet (Brown) – overlayed with [BODY FACTORY] Illusion Bracelet (Black)
Tattoo: Taox Tattoo – Cillian

[LAB737] Nyota Shrug (snow) @ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival (Until Sept 7)
[LAB737]  Nyota Armor Metal Rare @ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival (Until Sept 7)
[LAB737] Nyota Chest Drape (snow) @ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival (Until Sept 7)
[LAB737] Nyota Harness (snow)@ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival (Until Sept 7)
[LAB737] Nyota Skirt (snow) RARE @ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival (Until Sept 7)

boots: [Dolphin Design Mesh] Gothic Leather Boots
Hair: .Olive. the Delilah Hair *Merry Glitter
accessory : .Olive. the Glitter  Face Jewels

RK Poses – Us @ Shiny Shabby (until Sept. 15th)
Drunk Panda Poses – By Your Side @ Pose Lover & Friends Event (until Aug. 28th)


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