Change of perception . . .

Life is all about perception. Many times whether something is good, or bad, depends on how we look at it. There are two sides to every story, right? So why can’t there be multiple ways of perceiving things, too?

I’m an optimistic person – always looking on the bright side of things – but sometimes that’s hard to do. I can turn a situation six-ways to Sunday and still not find anything good. Maybe what I need to change is not the situation, but myself.

What’s going that prevents me from seeing things in a new light? Perhaps I’m to boggled down with other things to think clearly? Maybe I need a Snickers (for those who get the joke….)? The point is, maybe it’s not always the situation that needs a change, maybe it’s ourselves? So get up and shake off the dust of your usual to-do, then look at things again.


Dress: [[Black Rose Design]] LUCY RETRO DRESS @ ReVamped September
Hair: !Vanity Hair::Sabine-blacks
necklace: Maitreya Vintage Pearl Necklace
Shoes: Glam Affair – High Loafers Khaki @ The Shoe Box

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