Thieving squirrels

Have you ever had one of those days where it seemed that everything was going on at once? From the time you open your eyes, till you close them for bed, your day has been nothing but go, go, go. In an effort to get everything done we tend to streamline our focus. One thing at a time, and then another, blocking out everything else so we can stay on task.

I’ve had one of those days – to be honest it’s been a handful of days – where things kept coming at me left and right. Before I have time to finish one task, in comes another.  Before long I’m backlogged and hardly know where to begin. However, while I’m focused on all the big things, smaller things, are going unnoticed.

The thing about little things is, if they are ignored for too long, they become big things. So while we are busy wrapped up and concerned about big issues, pay attention to small things. Or the next thing you know, squirrels are making off with your nuts.


Hair: *barberyumyum*81 (brown)
Dress: DANIELLE Sana Gold @ ReVamped September
Accessories: !dM Satine – choker / earrings / wristWraps
Nails: Vengeful Threads – Nails – Galore Hearts @ ReVamped September
Eyeshadow: Kodaijin Makeup – Free Gift SET 1 @ ReVamped September

Pose: Serendipity: wishes… 2 & 3  @ Pose Lover & Friends until Sept. 25th


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