Stock in small things . . .

Sometimes the only thing you’re able to do is get out of bed, and that’s okay.  There’s no rule saying that you have to do big and flamboyant things every day.  Who’s to say that getting out of bed isn’t a big accomplishment?

Oftentimes we may underestimate the small things in life, taking them for granted and acting as though they don’t matter.  Life is made up of small things. Moments in time that lead to something bigger.

So you say that all you did today was get out of bed? Well, good.  You’ve made it another day.


Outfit: Emerald Couture – Old Hollywood Glam White N Black @ ReVamped { Until Oct. 20 }
Hair: *YumYum* 81 (brown) hair
Shoes:  Slipper Originals – Caroline Sandals @ ReVamped { Until Oct. 20 }



Soy. Hand Platform with wrapped something
Soy. Trampled Papers
Chez Moi Be Awesome Today Pic
Chez Moi But First Coffee Pic
Chez Moi Home Office Board Nob Hill
Chez Moi Home Office Board Nob Hill


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