.| Ori & Bayde |. Found in ruins . . .

Ori’ziya wasn’t exactly sure how long she had been at the old temple ruins, but by the suns positioning, the day was headed into night.  For a week she had been having strange dreams: images she couldn’t quite make out and jumbled sounds. Surrounding the dream was an encompassing feeling of loss and uncertainty. She had thought about consulting the Seers about them, but with the way her father, the king, had been acting towards her, she didn’t think it was a good idea. Ori’Ziya didn’t trust them to not take any information back to him.

The King had been keeping a more attentive eye on her lately: watching her whereabouts, and treating her, as though she were a fledgling. He had made several mentions to her over the week about the upcoming evening festivities and she knew he would not be too pleased if she were late. However, all day she had felt a tug, a force calling out to her in the direction of the ruins.  For a good part of the day she had tired to ignore it, but the feeling only grew until she could not ignore it any longer. And so, it was shortly after mid-day, when she slipped out the palace. She had to go, maybe it was the key to her dreams.

Now she was leaving. It had been foolish for her to come here and if she hurried, she could make it back before it was too late. She wasn’t too far when her ears twitched and she paused in mid-step. There was sound coming from the ruins. . . Nothing was there a moment ago, she was sure of it. Ori’Ziya felt her heart beating faster, then turned and headed back. At the side of the crumbled wall she looked around the corner and was taken back by what she saw. Bayde? Why was he here? How did he know of this place.

“Bayde?” she questioned as she came around the corner.

He had just splashed his face with water once more when he heard Ori’Ziya’s voice.  He knew her voice anywhere.  He lifted his head to look in her direction, stunned.  Swallowing, his brow furrowed, not sure what to make of her being at the ruins where the oracle told him to go.  Eventually, his face softened and he smiled at her. “Ori… I… What are… you… doing here?” Something in him told him not to share what the oracle told him for now.

She was equally confused and looked behind her a moment before looking back at him.  Ori was looking for others, anyone who may have showed him how to get here or came with him – but she saw no one. “What about you?” she returned. “How did you find this place?  I didn’t know you knew about it.”  A quick look at the items he was wearing and recognition began to line her face.

Bayde tilted his head to the left slightly as he stood up to his full height and walked towards her.  His lips smiled, but she knew how to read his eyes and he couldn’t hide the joy he had at seeing her, although he couldn’t shake his gut feeling.

He looked down a moment as he completed closing the space between them, reaching for her hands.  He looked down at hers in his, then back up at her, a small smirk playing his lips.  “I followed the lanterns.”

Sri Took a deep breath and schooled her features. She was delighted to see him, she was, and when she had his hands she gave it a squeeze, placing her other hand on top of it.  Ori studied his face and shook her head.  “My father put you up to this, didn’t he?  Did he send you out to the wilds?”  She wasn’t sounding too happy.

Bayde’s face slowly fell. What did she mean? Why would her father put him up to anything. He searched her face, trying to read her.  Usually they could speak to each other in utter silence, but something was different this time.  Bayde swallowed, and blinked a few times, and ended up looking out in the woods around them.

When he came to look back at her he spoke sternly. Perhaps more so than he meant to. Even accusingly, “I was told to search for and follow the lanterns.  To find the oracle and….. ” He was already saying too much, he felt, so he stopped talking and just looked at her.

Ori slowly shook her head as she searched his eyes before wiggling her fingers between his hand.  The look on her face was more of awe and wonderment, almost as if she were seeing him for the first time.

“Is it you?  Are you the one who’s going to help me with my dreams?” Then her mouth  formed a small ‘O’ as she took in a deep breath, feeling the rapid beating in her chest start to subside.

Bayde furrowed his brows. “Dreams?  What dreams?”  He honestly wasn’t sure… But the oracle did just tell him he would find his purpose at the ruins.  It’s why he lit up when he saw her.  But help with dreams?  Just then he heard, out of nowhere, the squawks of dozens of ravens.

Where they came from so suddenly he was unsure, but he pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her. She flattened her hand against him and spared a glance up to the crows.  Their formation, and the way they took away light from the sky, reminded her of the dreams.  Darkness.. Loss..  and for a moment she closed her eyes and listened to the beat of Bayde’s heart.  He was still here, it was only a dream.  something she should dismiss.

Opening her eyes she was still for a moment. “I’m glad it was you, Bayde, whom I found here.”  She didn’t offer anything more than that.  Ori’Ziya really was happy to be with him.  It was the only certain thing in her uncertain mind.


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