He’s a zombie hunter . . .?

He wasn’t like your average guy. His smile and eyes held a devilish charm; while the words he spoke ensnared a persons thoughts. Perhaps it was the air of confidence which lay about him, but there was something about this man from the lower city.

There were dangers in that part of the city. Whispers of unnatural things lurking around the dark. I had never passed beyond the boarders of Upper side at night before, but it wasn’t so different in the light. I’d met him one day just as it was getting dark. I had been hanging out in a shop, my curiosity driving me to see what made this part of the city so different once the sun set. He had come up to me, told me to ‘get along home’ before something happened. I listened, too.

I came back the next day, and following days after that. And so did he. Always telling me to ‘get along home’ at the end. I didn’t know much about what he did. There was always a trace of oil or grit on his hands, under the nails. He said it was from working on cars all day. I didn’t fully believe the evidence on his hands, so one evening I followed him.

He went further down into the lower city, to the other side of the train tracks. I tried to stay hidden and duck behind a wall or a pole whenever he looked around.  Did he know I was following him, or was he looking out for something else? This part of town was a bit grungier than where I was from, and the people I passed looked in a hurry to get to wherever it is they were going. It wasn’t too long before he went into, what looked like, a garage. Unlike the ones I was use to seeing, this one was made of bricks and old wooden boards. The door screeched on rusty metal hinges as it opened and closed behind him.

I counted slowly to thirty before making my way to the garage. It was quiet inside.  He had left the door slightly ajar, but I still had to push it open, and the noise declared my arrival. There wasn’t much to this place: a dusty table with some chairs, an old poster and a motorcycle ensign on the wall. Over all it was dusty.  Light came in through the gritty windows. In the middle of the room was a bright red car, and he was sitting on the hood.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before you followed me,” he said.

I stepped up and ran my fingers on the cars finish. “You never told me what you do at night.”  I sat down on the other side of the hood and he put his arm around my shoulder and drew me in close. I’d never been that close to him and my breath caught in my lungs and my heart skipped a beat as I felt his lips move against my ear.

“You’ve never experienced anything like this.” He whispered.  His words were smooth and they soothed over my nerves. “I don’t think you can handle it.”

I found myself  sliding off the hood and getting back to my feet. I protested. “ I’m not afraid, “ hoping my lie would hold.

He smiled and swatted my ass as he got off the car and hoped into the drivers seat. “Hop in.”

Soon we were traveling down the road in his car, to a run down section of town. He parked outside an run down building.  I didn’t see anyone else around, but he got out the car and pulled a long knife from under his seat.  My eyes went wide. “What are we doing here?”

“Hunting zombies, darlin’.” Said as he closed the door and started to walk.

I had to follow him. He couldn’t be serious.  But he was. Decayed humans began appearing from the debris and I watched, partially in fear and partially thrilled, as he went in to attack. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. I fumbled around my shorts and pulled out my cellphone.

“I gotta take a picture of this. My boyfriend’s a zombie hunter.”


BRODERICK is wearing:
Hair: *ARGRACE* SHUN – Ebony
Jacket: ED. Axel Jacket TestaDiMoro @ Men Only Monthly until Nov. 15
Pants: Legal Insanity – Logan pants
Rings: [MANDALA] Sinra Rings Season3

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Outfit: [Kenny Rolands] INNA @ Haus of Swag Fair 2016 {Until Nov. 4 } 
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Kora

Poses: *Come Soon Poses* – Caring (set included)

Q Poses {QP} -Let Me Take a Selfie @ Pose Lovers & Friends { Until Oct. 31 }

SET DESIGN (second photo):
Razor Bird Pile of Junk 1
Razor Bird Pile of Junk 2
Razor Bird Bonfire of Broken Chairs
Urban Jungle Newspaper box blue
Urban Jungle Streetlamp
Urban Jungle Brickpile
Urban Jungle Brickwall Broken (various)
Urban Jungle City Filler 4






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