Always home . . .

They moved around a lot – some may even call them vagabonds. A couple months here, a few months there, they adopted to living out of cardboard boxes, only ever unpacking the essentials. Another city, another house, new neighbors, and new jobs.

Moving around wasn’t always easy, so they learned to never put down solid roots.  However, no matter how many times they moved – whether their next home was big or small – if they had each other they had everything that they needed.


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )
Hair: Exile:: Jackson:Sable
Glasses: Gudshu Glasses – Lauer
Pants: Legal Insanity – loose sweats #2 boxers plain
Tattoo: Facade Versus @ Men Only Monthly until Nov. 15

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Top: AdoreZ– Twila Outfit  @ The Old Fair { Until Nov. 24th }

Pose: Mouni Poses + Afterglow @ The Old Fair { Until Nov. 24th }
Q Poses Unexpected Love @ Pose Lover & Friends until Nov. 27th

Set Design
{Q-Essentials} Big Wheel Bicycle Clock @ The Old Fair { Until Nov. 24th }
KK HOME – WALTHAM WOODBURNER @ The Old Fair { Until Nov. 24th }
Petite Mort – Cocoa Vintage tapestry handbag @ Enchantment {Until Nov. 30 }
dust bunny . camellia couch
Fancy Decor: So Fancy Throw Pillow
[ zerkalo ] The Antiques – Pillow


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