On a mission . . .

Out of all the other Druids in her village who sought after the honor of seeking the mysterious Shan’zi relic, Kibou was chosen. Whether it was due to her tenacity or stubborn aggression, when her name was chosen many were left with more than a bit of doubt. She wasn’t known to be the best at anything, but had now been given this impossible quest.

The relic was known to be hidden in the ruins of the old monastery, on an isle across the South Sea. Legend spoke of dangers that confronted any who sought the relic. Only one person had ever returned, but their mind was gone.

Her travels were laid out for her, but even without it Kibou would have known the way. With every day that passed, she felt a pull at her spirit and knew it was the relic calling out to her. This feeling worked as its own directional compass and it grew stronger the closer she got to the destination.

After many days she finally saw the ruins in the distance. The pull was so strong that her body wanted to move on it’s own, but she took a deep breath and closed her eyes.  Maybe this is what happened to all who had come before her?  They fell victim to the pull. Kibou focused her mind and her long elven ears twitched as she listened to the nature all around her.  Allowing herself to open to the environment. The air around began to stir and in her minds eye she traveled the rest of the way to the ruins. Buried deep in the heart of it, next to a bed of orchids, was the Shan’zi. Said to be a gift from the gods, the Shan’zi was able to influence fate.

She saw now apparent dangers, but the air felt placid.  Kibou opened her eyes and knelt down besides a collection of rocks and studied the ruins. She felt hesitant, but the pull was still there, begging and pleading for her to come.

I will bring the Shan’zi to my village, Kibou resolved to herself. She was going to do it. She was going to influence her own fate.


Skin: : [The.Plastik] – Chaotic Neutral Skins:// Female  @ 11:11
Outfit: Mushilu – Fiora (Collar, arms, belt, Green dress/jacket) @ The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival { Until Dec. 7 }
Shoes: fri. – Charity.Boots (Tombstone)
Accessories: [The.Plastik] – The Verys Halos @ 11 : 11

An lar [poses]  The Opal Series  @ The Liaison Collaborative { Until Nov. 30 }
Black Cats poses – Katana female


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