Holiday spirit.

In some places, she was referred to as a holiday spirit. Always hard to see, people would claim to see her walking about during the first week of December, leaving sparks of joy. They said she wore a white dress, the bottoms of it was cut like flower petals, and on her back were wings of holly berry.

This was her season.  December was finally here and she was ready. She took her time, moving among the trees and stones. Where she walked, the grass iced over and the air from her lips brought the chill to the air.

Forest animals, made of fresh snow, pranced along at her side. Where they went the ground was soon littered in white. Each creature carried a string of lights. They buried the bulbs in the snow, causing the terrain to glitter and shine.

Always moving, never stopping, the spirit had much to do. Holiday cheer triggered where she was near and infused into the earth. So if you feel a sudden smile move across your lips or a cool breeze nips at your skin, look out, be quick, you’ve just had a visit from the holiday spirit.


Outfit: :: PurpleMoon :: Frost Dress for Peace on Earth 9 Hunt {Until Dec. 31}
Hair: Exile:: Dream of Paradise

Accessories: .::{Solstice}::. Woodland Winter Fairy Wings @ Women’s Only Hunt {Until Dec. 24}
Snowpaws – Holly Leaf Head Wreath & Brooch For Peace on Earth 9 Hunt {Until Dec. 31}

.::Nanika::. Samaira tattoo (Socks)
se//mi –  Fuyu – Arms
::SlackGirl::  ICY Mesh & Makeup

An lar [poses]  The Gretal Series #3
GP FIERCE Set 100% Donation RFL 2016 @ Christmas Expo

Mushilu : Snow Landscape – Animals, and rocks @ We❤ RP December




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