.| Ori & Bayde |. Whispers of treason . . .

Ever since Bayde had become a more prominent figure in her life, Ori’Ziya’s father, the King, had significantly reduced her role. The King treated Bayde as the son he never had. Ori’s duty was given to Bayde, and now he was always off dealing with their enemies and allies. The transition was a bit suspicious in her mind, but she didn’t question, too loudly, her father’s decision.

It was winter. Ori had spent the last few months in the King’s court and heard whispered words of treachery amongst her father’s council and generals for months. It was no secret that everyone was not pleased with the accolades given to the elf, who use to be human.

Something was going on.

Presently, Ori’Ziya rested in the fields outside of the house Bayde had been rewarded for his service. The last communication she had received from him had said that he would be back today.  That is when she would tell him her suspicions.

The sound of feet and hoof prints crushing snow sounded off ways behind her. Ori’Ziya turned and smiled upon seeing her companion. “What have you got there?” She asked, laughing in amusement.

She got up from the ground and went to them both. Bayde was leading a unicorn, and it whinnied as she came near, stomping its foot as her hand brushed the side of the animals face.  Ori was amazed. Unicorns were rare, even in the Elven world. That he not only saw one but was leading it, was something special. “How did you –”

Bayde piped in before Ori could finish speaking, “A rare mount for one who is equally as rare.” He hoped it would keep her from asking what he didn’t want to answer. “Hop on. Let’s go home.”

The unicorn nodded its head as though it understood, and Ori mounted. “Bayde,” she began to say, “You shouldn’t go back to Court.  Not yet.  You don’t have many friends there.”

Ori waited but he didn’t respond, only continued towards the house. She continued. “There have been whispers of treasonous acts and making you take the blame for them!”

She couldn’t see his face. He didn’t respond right away and Ori stayed silent, thinking that he was weighing what she had said.

They crested the hill, their home was only a short walk from here. Bayde stopped the unicorn and offered Ori his hand to help her dismount. All this time he hadn’t said anything, but now that she could see his face she saw hints of worry around his eyes. The unicorn wandered off to graze.

“You don’t get where I am without making a few enemies, Ori’Ziya,” Bayde said. His tone was strong and sure. He held her hands and looked at her steadily. Aside from the worry, Ori couldn’t tell much else. “I made it back, just as I said I would.”

“You should stay here. Lay low for a while.” Ori suggested. “Let me see what else I can discover.”

Bayde shook his head. “I’m a soldier. I do not cower.”

They both knew her father expected him back at court in a day or two in order to discuss what happened on the excursion. Ori sighed and then set her jaw. Not only was Bayde in danger, but her father was as well. She wasn’t going to loose either of them.

Bayde seemed to have read her mind for he nodded his head. “I have a plan.”


Broderick ( Check out his blog: A Gentlemen’s Game )
Hair: Exile::Unravel (messy)
Outfit: LostGem fantasy male v1 outfit

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Dress:  ::Una:: Kamila Dress – Sky @ We❤ RP December
hair: Truth Hair VIP – Sugar (with added bangs)
Ears: [MANDALA] Simple_ELF_Ears

Serendipity: eternity… (3) @ 2nd Level Event
Photo 2 Ryanna: Sam Poses – The Last Unicorn
Photo 2 Broderick: Sam Poses – The Last Unicorn (rezzed two unicorns, merged together)
Photo 3: Sam Poses – Feel My Heartbeat

Set Design:
Noble Creations [NC] – Old Village House @ We ❤ Rp Dec. Round


3 thoughts on “.| Ori & Bayde |. Whispers of treason . . .

  1. devawestland says:

    I really loved reading this. No… before I even read it, I grinned to see the email telling me there was a new Ori and Bayde piece! It’s beautifully crafted, both words and pictures. There’s a real sense of tension and worry in this. Bravo! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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