Somewhere out there . . .

Somewhere out there, lies a whole world of opportunity that is waiting for you.

Somewhere out there, are things you only thought possible in your imagination.

Somewhere out there, opposition that you’ll have to face.

Somewhere out there, life is waiting for you.

Life is about living.  Good things, bad things, and everything in between is all a part of life. Don’t hold back from trying something because you’re afraid of failure. Don’t ignore something you want to do simply because it doesn’t fall into “socially acceptable norms.”  It’s your life; you’re the one who has to live it.

Don’t know where you’re going? Are you feeling lost in life? That’s okay too. No one has everything together all the time. Life throws us curve balls and monkey wrenches, and all we can do it handle them the best we can.

Such is life and all the vicissitudes therein.

The world is waiting for you, somewhere out there.


Outfit  ::Una:: – Spacewoman @ The Epiphany  {Until Feb 15th }
[ Suit, Neck 2, Boots, Hands, Oxygen Bottle RARE, Helmet ]

Set: Una & Mushilu – Spacecraft @ The Epiphany  {Until Feb 15th }

Picture #1: Serendipity: despondency . . . @ 2nd Level  { Until Jan. 30th }
Picture #2: Serendipity: eccentric. . . @ 2nd Level  { Until Jan. 30th }


2 thoughts on “Somewhere out there . . .

  1. devawestland says:

    What lovely images of pure imagination. I always love to read the words you put with your pictures though. You always have such a positive and encouraging outlook! Thank you for sharing! ❤


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