The Mermaid . . .

Everyday she swam up to the surface.  She ventured as close to the shore as she dared and took refuge behind rocks.  Not to far away, on the beach, were people.  She’d watch them play and romp around.  People would make structures out of sand and knock them down only to make something new later.  She’d see people holding hands and lazying away under the warm sun.

Things there, on the surface, looked so wonderful. They were exciting and new, and the sun was warm and inviting. She often daydreamed what it would be like to leave the water and engage with the people on the beach. What would it be like if she were human for one day?

Her tail rose out of the water and she sighed.  Who was she fooling? She was a sea creature. The only way she could spend time on land would be in her dreams.

Top: FDD Stories *Little Mermaid* Bra Gold
Eyes: adoness :  Royale Eyes – From – Treasure Chest March Exclusive
hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Hairplay – Back Blow – Pack 2 RARE @ The Arcade
Accessories: OXIDE Mer Crown – From reasure Chest March Exclusive
*TSL* Daughters of Triton Gacha ~ Princess Ariel (RARE)
fish: +Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish – Dream –

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