Why I relay . . .

Growing up, and into the early part of my adult life, I learned about cancer.  It was a “disease without a cure” that needed to be caught in the early stages for a person to have a chance at survival. It was something that held no bias on who it attacked and there were support groups and fundraisers to help raise awareness and help find a cure.  I would be saddened by the people going through, but it never truly affected me.

Until my grandmother was diagnosed and died in 2006. That’s when cancer became more real to me. It became a more real part of my life when, shortly after that, my mother was diagnosed with four different cancers.  All of them at Stage 4 and the doctor told us there was nothing to be done, but try the treatments and see.

Suddenly I was faced with the realization that this vibrant woman – who was so so full of life and into everything – was going to die.

For two years I watched this happen. I saw the good days, and the bad days. I saw her fight and win small victories, and I saw her loose. One of the most saddening things to me was seeing how people would treat her once they knew she had cancer.

Suddenly she wasn’t a person anymore, she was Cancer. People saw the disease instead of the person, but she was still a person. She still wanted to experience life as much as she could. She still wanted to be a part of things. My mother wasn’t Cancer, she was a person who happened to have cancer.

People who are diagnosed with cancer, or any condition, still want to be treated like people and experience life. They are not their circumstances.

Relay for Life is one of the largest fundraisers for the American Cancer Society to help raise funds and cancer awareness.  There are events all across the US that raise millions of dollars each year. The Fantasy Faire in Second Life is one of the largest virtual events, bringing people together to raise thousands of dollars for the cause. It is your chance to help bring about an end to cancer by supporting the event. Don’t have any money? It cost nothing to volunteer and spread the word.

It’s too late for my mom and my grandmother. My other grandmother is in her second year of battling cancer. This is why I relay. Maybe cancer is real in your life, maybe your heart goes out to those who are going, or have gone, through it.  Maybe you’re a survivor. Whatever the case may be, if we all come together and help, just a little bit, we can start to see an end to cancer.

Skin: :[The.Plastik]::– Koie Skin (Femme) :// RFL Hope – Fantasy Faire 2017 – Chaddul Ro Sim
Hair: Analog Dog  – merida  – Fantasy Faire 2017 – The Hill Sim
Accessories: *NAMINOKE* Rafflesia – Fantasy Faire 2017 – San Mora Sim

Pose: Artis – The shame stand posing prop @ The Pose Fair {Until April 29th}




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