•{ Sunlight and Mask . . .

Every day, after dressing for her role she stepped outside to sit amongst the flowers and grass. The Sun caressed her skin and its warmth whispered promises in her ears. How sweet they were. How they sought to reach into her core and fill her with light, but today would not be that day.  As she felt the Sun beaming down on her she lifted her hand and brought up a mask.

When she turned her face towards the Sun again there was nothing for it to touch. Its words rolled off her mask and the warmth was forgotten.

It was time to start another day. Now she was set for the role she had to play.


Shoes: #EMPIRE – Azalea
Hair: Exile::- Spell On You @ The Darkness Fair {Until May 22nd}
Tattoo: Ab.Fab – Sakura tattoo- For the  Peace by Peace hunt  {Until May 31st}
Accessories: (back) Mushilu – Ornaments  red RARE @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until June 7th}
Mushilu – Crown Chen red @ Fantasy Gatcha Carnival {Until June 7th}

Pose: Lil’Bug  – Behind the mask


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