•{ She Dances . . .

“But mother, I don’t want to dance,” the young girl told her mother. “Please don’t make me.”

She fiddled at her daughter’s skirt and combed her fingers through her hair to get it to hang just right. All the while she smiled at her daughter. “It’s not always about what you want, child. It’s about what you need.” The pair of them stood behind the closed red velvet curtains on the stage. Beyond that were the muffled sounds of the crowd mixed in with warm-up chords from the orchestra.

The young girl felt her heart beating out of her chest. Thinking of what she would see when the curtains were drawn was enough to nearly paralyze her with fear. The mother took her daughters hands. “Look at me,” she instructed. The young girl looked at her mother, eyes wide and lips pressed to a nervous thin line. “Take everything that you’re feeling now and use it. Push it out through your arms and down to your fingers so the audience can feel it. Let it run through your legs so they can feel the steps. Open yourself to the music and take them on a journey. Speak through your actions and let the dance heal comfort you.”

Though she did not fully grasp what her mother was saying the young girl nodded. Her mother let her hands go as the interlude began to play. The girl took her place at the center of the stage and the curtains opened . . .

That was many years ago. Now, that same stage had fallen into disrepair, only showing remnants of beauty it had once been.  The stage was not as polished and many of the seats in the audience had gone missing, but the memories of that night and ones thereafter remained. No longer a girl, the now young lady came back to the stage from time to time. And she would dance. Her mother’s words echoed in her mind with every movement she made.

She danced for herself. She danced to move through old memories and make pathways to her dreams. She danced to undo all the knots which were bundled up inside of her.

She danced so that she could feel.

Dance is the only art wherein we ourselves are the stuff in which it is made.” – unknown


Outfit: :Una: – Yui (Pink) @ Limit8
Shoes: .::Dead Dollz::. Legwarmers + Pointe RARE (old gatcha)

Pose: :LW: Poses – there is light  – mainstore release

Shot on location at: Lost Town

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