•{ Taste of Winter . . .

“It won’t be much longer,” Shayla said as she laid there in the snow, idly tracing lines on Adalyee’s leg, “but I’m growing impatient. When’s it going to be our turn?”

The younger fae was pouting again.  Adalyee couldn’t really blame her. The Fae of the Summer Court had gotten a bit carried away and went over their time. Autumn was here now but the Winter Court was knocking on their door. “Soon.  You know how the Humans can be when Winter comes too early.”  She had seen it many times over. How they would complain and end up cursing the snow.  “We want them to be happy to see us.”

Shayla sighed and puffed out a few snowflakes and looked away. The animals were still biding their time but soon they would get fidgety too. She loved the patterns on Adalyee’s skin, they showed her level of skill. She could create snow whereas Shayla could only manipulate what was already there. One day though she would get her own.

Adalyee saw her looking and picked up a hand.  Palm up a small snow swirl formed there.  “Hey Shayla?” She had a playful gleam in her eyes. When Shayla looked up, Adalyee  increased the size of her swirl until it engulfed her hand.  “Just because it’s Autumn, doesn’t mean we can’t give them a taste of winter.”

The two Winter Fae got to work and, on this day, the humans had a taste of winter….

Adalynne(Check out her blog!)
Skin: Lara Hurley CHristy Rose Pale Applier and Fae Skin
LipStick: Izzie’s A;; The color Matte Set
Hair: Truth Group Gift Makena
Tattoo: Plastik Koie Tattoo Pastelle
Wings: Soul Oree
Ears: Swallow Elf ears

Jewelry: Cae Sakura
Spell: Elk Ring Silver
Dress: Dead Dollz Cozy Ensemble @ Uber

Ryanna ( That’s me! )

Dress: !gO! Jasmin – white
Skin: :[Plastik]:- Kasje SE Skins:// Female
Hair: Exile::Kissing Strangers
Wings: Deviance – Titania Fairy Wings – Snowdrop
Necklace: !dM Jule – Snowflake Choker **ICE**
The Annex – Snow Queen Diadem
Ears: BentBox Sylvan Ears


•{ Restful as a Kitten . . .

Such a long day it was yesterday.  She had been engaged in so many things it was hard to tell if she was coming or going. Now?  Now she finally had some time to herself and she took her escape to the nearby field.  Autumn was in the air and the colors were changing, but the landscape didn’t look any less beautiful.

She laid with her back to the ground and knees up, one hand under her head. With the other hand she pulled a letter out from her skirt pocket.  Holding it up to the light she started to read it and a smile grew on her face. She already knew what it said as she had memorized the words.  Only thing now was for her to reply.

As she was thinking on what to say she heard a soft mew coming from the flowers.  Looking over she saw a pair of cats walking out and coming towards her. “Have you two come to help me figure out what I am to say?”  She asked the animals as she leaned on her elbow.

They continued to approach.  One took up residence under her propped arms while the other rubbed its hand against her hand.  She looked down at them.  “It is not often that I am loss for words.”  This time she was.  There were things she knew would be nice to say and things that she couldn’t quite get herself to say. The cat’s only replied with a light purr of their own.

She shook her head.  Oh to be as carefree and tranquil as the cats appeared to be.  She would put aside the thoughts of the letter for now. Perhaps she needed to take a life lesson from these animals and be as restful as a kitten.

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Shoes: =Zenith=Leather Boots with Lace Socks (Choco)

Pose: :LW: Poses: Let me Dream a While @ Trés Chic {Until Nov. 10th}

•{ No Good Deed . . .

“One question haunts and hurts, too much, too much to mention.  Was I really seeking good, or just seeking attention . . . Sure, I meant well. Well, look at what well-meant did”  – No Good Deed – From “Wicked”

I’ve had a lot on my mind – likely more than I tend to give on.  Sometimes it seems as if the more good you do, the worse things become….

Dress: ::Tiffany Designs:: Raven Gown
Hair: .Shi Hair : Eleu / Unisex . E-Bronde

Pose: BellePoses – Gwen   @ Limit8 

•{ Sunsets and Meetings . . .

A few days ago she had worked up the nerves to call up her friend and ask if he’d like to met her for a late afternoon picnic. She sound more confident than she felt and in giving him directions she was sure she must have fumbled it up. She was infamous for getting lost.

Everything was set up. She had brought a lunch of sandwiches and wine, even a vintage inspired music player for ambience. What if he doesn’t show, she thought to herself as she sat on the bench and looked out into the distance. A frown tugged at her lips and she shook her head dismissively.  He’d come. Time ticked by and squirrels started to invade her set up.

“Shoo!” She waved at the animals. “You’re not welcomed here. Go away.”

“Well if that’s how you feel I’ll turn back around,” came a familiar voice from behind. She didn’t have to turn around to know it was him. “Your directions are terrible.”

She pulled her legs up on the bench so she could turn and get a better look at him. “You made it!” Trying not to sound too surprised and excited, or let her nervousness show through.

“After deciphering your text.” He admitted as he walked around to the front of the bench, scattering a few lingering squirrels at the same time. He pulled his phone  out of his hoodie’s pocket and read from the screen. “Come up from the path and I’ll be on the other side of the old shack.” He put the phone back and looked at her, an amused smile on his face. “How’s anyone suppose to follow that?”

He was trying to be funny. She gave a languid shrug. “I told you I – oh!” He sat so suddenly on the bench that it startled her but it was the reaction he was wanting. She looked away from him to catch her breath.

He didn’t say anything for a moment, only watched her and how the light played shadows across her skin. Leaning forward he offered her his hand and simply said, “Come here.”

Only words, but they were the introduction to an array of possibilities. And, after a moments consideration, she turned and took his hand.

Tivi  [ Check out her work!  ]

Shape || Mine
Skin || Zack Skin (Cotton Tone) | Stray Dog
Hair || Outsider (Blondes) | Exile::
Hoodie || Jason Hoodie (Merlot) | Ascend | @The Men’s Department {Until Oct. 31st}
Jeans || Broberry Jeans (Cerulean) | Deadwool
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Necklace || Kazama Necklace (Silver) | MINIMAL | @The Men’s Department {Until Oct. 31st}

Ryanna (That’s me!)

Shirt: coldLogic shirt – anton – peach
Pants: neve pant – donna denim
Hair: Exile:: – Skyline

Set Design

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Raindale – Autumnley lantern +fireflies @ Cosmopolitian 

•{ Knives are with me

They called me crazy
said I was insane
that I never stayed in my lane

The lines I see are painted red
evidence from daily bloodshed

My door is closed
they took away the key
But the knives were left with me . .

Outfit: ::Una: :: Ms.Franky white Blood @ Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa 2017  
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Bear X

[Korea] Surgical Mask [RARE] @ available with October’s PocketGacha
:::ChicChica::: Bloody knives

Tattoos:  Izzie’s – Face & Body Blood & Wounds

Pose & Prop:  Exposeur – Padded Room (Bloody)

Shot at: Backdrop & You

•{ New Beginnings . . .

“Last stop!” The train conductor yelled as  the train made its way into the station.  “Last stop! Everyone off!”

It was exactly where she wanted to go – the end of the line.  When she left home she had gotten a traveler ticket, it allowed her to go anywhere the train went, but only one way. That was fine by her.  With the clothes on her back, a small bag, and purse of essentials, she had gotten on the train and took a trip to nowhere.

She got off the train and took note of the name of this city that was now her home. Everything was new. She didn’t know where to start, but this was a beginning, and all beginnings start with the first step.

Top: Petite Mort – Bone Gypsy Witch Loose Tank
Skirt: Petite Mort Crimson Burnout Velvet Skirt @ Season of the Witch { Until  Nov. 4th }
Hair: Magika – 03 – Darkness Falls

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poses: from FOXCITY. Night Owl Bento Set


•{ Girl, let me tell you . . .

They had it all arranged it was a meeting that had been a long time coming. The hotel across town was the perfect spot to meet. It was to be a weekend getaway for they both had a lot to say.

When they met it was like old times. Nothing had changed but the seasons. Smile on their faces, oh this was going to be good.

Girl, let me tell you…

Adalynne(Check out her blog!)
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Gloves: Belle Epoque Le City Gloves Black @ available with October’s PocketGacha
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boots: Reign The Huntress

Ryanna (That’s me!)
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Accessories :
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GeWunjo : Delfine Silver

Pose: Focus poses :: Friends 26 ::

Scene: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – The Brownstone Hotel Stoop @ Limit8