•{ The Set Up . . .

“Tell me again why we’re doing this?” Firewater asked me while we walked along the buildings in the nearly abandoned Warehouse district. It was dark out and most of the light came from half broken streetlights, their bulbs humming within broken casing.

This was crazy. Worse than that, it was insane. When we had arrived in town we went to see Valeria, the leader of the largest crime family in New Orleans. If anyone had a lead on my father’s whereabouts, it would be her. What we got in return for my asking was a job: go to building 389 in the Warehouse District and recover the leather suitcases. It sounded easy enough, but if it was, why hadn’t her own men done it already? If we were successful, I’d get my answer.

“I told you, you don’t have to help me.”

Firewater loaded her pistol’s magazine and it closed with a click. “You got yourself mixed up with some pretty bad company,” she said. “Besides, I wasn’t doing anything anyway.”
Though I had gotten to know her a little on our road trip, I still didn’t know why she had agreed to help or if I could trust her. For now, there were other things to worry over.

It wasn’t long before we arrived at Building 389. The number was etched into the frame of a chain locked door. The place didn’t look any different on the outside from the others with broken stone and busted out windows. From the outside we didn’t see any signs of life and the buildings windows were too high up for us to tell if anything was on inside. From where Firewater and I stood the building was empty.

We circled the building looking for a way in and listening for any hints of someone else being around. On the other side of the build there was a less obstructed garage door. As quietly as we could we lifted the door. The fact that it moved fairly easily should have been a warning sign.

We were met with a cool air that smelled of mildew and motor oil. Cautiously we stepped inside. It was dark with the only light coming in from the now opened door and the windows.

Firewater kept her voice low. “Something don’t feel right.”

“We just need to find the suitcases, then we can leave.” I agreed with her. Something wasn’t right.

We went a little further. Suddenly, lights flicked on and the sound of multiple guns cocking echoed through the room. Firewater and I hastily pulled our own weapons and held steady. Now that the lights were on I saw that this wasn’t just an abandoned warehouse, it looked like a smuggling operation and we were set up.

Nobody moved.

From the back, in the lingering shadows, a deep voice said, “Bring them to me.”

to be continued . . .

Phoebe (aka Firewater) is wearing (Check out her Flickr!)
Shirt/Jacket: Blueberry – Kimi Jackets – Fat Pack *Fameshed October*
Jeans:neve pant – rolled cords
Shoes- Baiastice_Cher Sandal-Onix
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Natalie – Blonde
Necklace and Earrings :::ChicChica::: Lika Night Necklace and Earrings
TattooAwear Roses fall upon my skin red
Pistols: Label Motion – Agnes

Ryanna (that’s me!)
Jacket: Sabotage /trendy girl gacha/ Altered Denim Jacket
Top: Sabotage /trendy girl gacha/ Bandeau Top
Jeans: neve pant – donna denim
Hair: Exile::– Jagged Edge

Scene Credit:
-David Heather- Gun Table
-David Heather- Drug Carriers

/anxiety/ apt830 alarm clock
/anxiety/ apt830 covered lamp
/anxiety/ apt830 covered table

Soy. Papers – piled

Pose: RM – 3 – Dual Pose