•{ Prove it to yourself . . .

Armed only with a spear, she left her village and headed out into the plains as the Sun slowly burned the grasses. She was going to survive this trial, bring back a Beast’s skin, and prove to everyone that they were wrong about her. 

Many had their doubts. She had heard them talking amongst themselves saying that she wasn’t built for the task. Others even bet that she wouldn’t last a day and the Hunters would later find remains of her mangled body. 

“Peacemakers are not built for the Warrior life my child,” her father told her when she made her declaration to fight the Warriors.  He took her hands in his and held them firmly.  “Resend your request. They will understand.” 

He was worried, she knew that.  Though he hid it well she could feel the underlining quiver in his fingers. She gave him a brave and fierce smile. “I am more than what people make me out to be. I am not as fragile as they think.”  

She breathed deeply and steadily, flexing her fingers around her spear. It was time to prove what she was made it. Time to prove it to herself.

Some Warriors look fierce, but are mild. Some seem timid, but are vicious. Look beyond appearances; position yourself for the advantage. 
Deng Ming-Dao


The following is from [JANGKA] SHAZAM Outfit  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival August 
{ Armband // Earring // Feathers cape Red // Forearm // Shirt // Top }

Accessory: *May’s Soul* Minerva set (spear) 
OtherSkin – Hope (snake)

Pose :LW: Bento Poses :  – Change  @ TLC August 


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