•{ On the bridge, waiting . . .

From here she could hear the sounds of the city easing from workday to evening. The hurried bustle turned to anticipation and the chatter of work was exchanged for that of drinks and party plans. Even the buzz in the air had its own shift. Perhaps it wasn’t something everyone could feel but she could, and standing against the railings on the highest bridge in the city, she could see the change as well.

She watched street lights begin to come on and dinner lights glow in the windows of local restaurants as a way to lure in customers. It all made her smile. However, she wasn’t at this point to simply watch others but she was waiting for her companion of the evening. She had told him where she would be and in the fading light of day the green on her dress stood out. It was his favorite color.

Her watching was one-directional, and therefore flawed. While she was busy looking right, she didn’t notice that he was coming up on her left . . .

Outfit: -AZUL-– Olinda /Emerald LTD @ The Trunkshow {Until Jan 19th} 
Hair: ICONIC JingleJangle

Pose:DeePosed [DP]–Lean Back 7

Shot on location at Lutz City 

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